Supported Devices - Maxim

The following table displays all supported devices by Maxim:

Device FamilyDevice NameCPU CoreSupported Flash TypesWikiJ-LinkFlasher PROFlasher CompactFlasher ARMFlasher Portable PLUSFlasher Secure 1Flasher ATESupport by SEGGER 2
MAX325xxMAX32510Cortex-M3Internal flash
MAX325xxMAX32550Cortex-M3Internal flash
  • Internal flash
  • External QSPI flash
MAX325xxMAX32555Cortex-M3Internal flash
MAX325xxMAX32558Cortex-M3Internal flash
  • Internal flash
  • External QSPI flash
  • Internal flash
  • External QSPI flash
MAX325xxMAX32565Cortex-M4External QSPI flash
MAX325xxMAX32566Cortex-M4External QSPI flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • QSPI flash
MAX326xxMAX32600Cortex-M3Internal Flash
MAX326xxMAX32620Cortex-M4Internal flash
MAX326xxMAX32621Cortex-M4Internal flash
MAX326xxMAX32625ITKCortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32625ITKLCortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32625IWYCortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32625IWYLCortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32626ITKCortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32626IWYCortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32630Cortex-M4Internal flash
MAX326xxMAX32631Cortex-M4Internal flash
MAX326xxMAX32635Cortex-M4External QSPI flash
MAX326xxMAX32650Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32651Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32652Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32655Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32660Cortex-M4Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32670Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32671Cortex-M4Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
  • Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32675Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX326xxMAX32690Cortex-M4Internal program flash
MAX78000MAX78000Cortex-M4Internal program flash


Not supported

1 In host mode Flasher Secure behaves like a Flasher PRO. The security features of Flasher Secure in stand alone mode require access to a unique ID of the target system. Please contact SEGGER for further advice.
2 If a device is not supported by SEGGER directly, you will find help by contacting the device vendor.