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  SEGGER Newsletter

  Embedded Studio
  Embedded Studio PRO
  embOS/IP SwitchBoard
  Flasher 5/ST7
  Flasher STM8
  J-Link / Flasher
  J-Link / Flasher Beta
  J-Link RX
  J-Link RX Beta
  Ozone - The J-Link Debugger
  SEGGER Eval software

  Altera SoCrates - Cyclone V SoC
  Analog Devices ADuC7026
  Analog Devices ADuC7128
  Arrow LPC4350-DB1
  Atmel AT91RM9200
  Atmel AT91SAM7A3
  Atmel AT91SAM7S
  Atmel AT91SAM7SE-EK
  Atmel AT91SAM7X
  Atmel AT91SAM9261-EK
  Atmel AT91SAM9263-EK
  Atmel AT91SAM9G20-EK
  Atmel AT91SAM9G45-EK
  Atmel AT91SAM9RL64-EK
  Atmel EVK1100
  Atmel EVK1101
  Atmel EVK1104
  Atmel NGW100
  Atmel SAM V71 Xplained Ultra Evaluation Kit
  Atmel SAM3U-EK
  Atmel SAM4S-EK
  Atmel SAMA5D3x-MB
  Atmel SAMA5D4x-MB
  Atmel SAMR21 Xplained Pro
  Axiom M52223EVB
  Axiom M52233DEMO
  Cogent CSB737
  Cypress PSoC 4 Development Kit - CY8CKIT-042
  Cypress PSoC 5LP Development Kit - CY8CKIT-050
  Embedded Artists EA31xx
  Embedded Artists LPC1788 DevelopersKit
  Embedded Artists LPC2468-16 OEM
  Embedded Artists LPC2478 OEM QVGA
  Freescale FRDM-K64F
  Freescale M52277EVB
  Freescale MCF51CN128 Tower System
  Freescale TWR-K40X256 Tower System
  Freescale TWR-K60N512 Tower System
  Freescale TWR-K70F120M Tower System
  Freescale TWR-VF65GS10 Tower System
  Future Designs uEZGUI-1788
  Future Designs uEZGUI-2478
  GLYN Graphic Base Board with Toshiba TMPA900 CPU module
  IAR LPC122x-SK
  IAR LPC1766-SK
  IAR LPC178x-SK
  IAR LPC2103
  IAR LPC2106
  IAR LPC2148
  IAR LPC2378
  IAR STM32F051R8-SK
  Infineon XMC4500 CPU Board
  Infineon XMC4500 Relax Kit
  Infineon XMC4700 Relax Kit
  Keil MCB1760
  Keil MCB2300
  Keil MCB2388
  Keil MCB4300
  LogicPD LH79520
  LogicPD LH79524
  LogicPD LH7A400-10
  LogicPD LH7A404-N0E
  LogicPD M5329
  LogicPD M5329 + LogicPD LCD-6.4-VGA-10
  Luminary LM3S1968
  Luminary LM3S2965 CAN
  Luminary LM3S3748 EVB
  Luminary LM3S6965 Ethernet
  Luminary LM3S8962
  Luminary LM3S9B90
  Luminary LM3S9B96
  Microchip Explorer 16
  Microchip PIC32 Demo board
  Microchip PIC32 Demo board Version 2
  Microchip PIC32 Starter Kit
  Microchip PIC32 USB Starter Kit II
  Microchip PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit
  Microsemi A2F-DEV-KIT
  MSC VisuRDK-H8S-NL3224
  MSC VisuRDK-H8SX1668R
  NEC 78K - Test it!
  NEC 78K0R - Cool it!
  NEC AF-EV850
  NEC K_Line - Play it!
  NEC V850-Touch it!
  Oki ML69Q6203
  Olimex LPC-2478STK
  Olimex SAM7S-P256
  Phytec PCM-967
  Renesas EDK2378
  Renesas H8S2378 RSK
  Renesas H8S2456 RSK
  Renesas H8S2472 RSK
  Renesas H8SX1668 RSK
  Renesas R7S72100 CPU Board
  Renesas RH850/F1x
  Renesas RL78 RDK
  Renesas RL78 RPB
  Renesas RSK2R32C111 Eval board + Segger Visu Add on
  Renesas RX111 RSK
  Renesas RX113 RSK
  Renesas RX130 RSK
  Renesas RX210 RSK
  Renesas RX231 RSK
  Renesas RX24T RSK
  Renesas RX62N RDK
  Renesas RX62N RPB
  Renesas RX62N RSK
  Renesas RX630 RSK
  Renesas RX63N RDK
  Renesas RX63N RSK
  Renesas RX63N YLCD
  Renesas RX64M RSK
  Renesas RX65N RSK
  Renesas RX71M RSK
  Renesas RZ/A1H RSK
  Renesas SH2A7216 RSK
  Renesas SH7203 RSK
  Renesas SH7264 RSK2+
  Renesas SH7269 RSK2
  Renesas SH7670 RSK2+
  Renesas Y-ASK-V850E2-FG4L
  Segger SAM7-MSD
  Serious Integrated SIM205
  Serious Integrated SIM225
  Sharp LH79531
  Silicon Labs EFM32 Gecko DK
  Silicon Labs EFM32 Giant Gecko DK
  Spansion SK-FM3-100PMC
  ST STM3210C (MB784)
  ST STM3210E (MB672)
  ST STM3220G (MB786)
  ST STM32F10X (MB525)
  ST STM32F4 Discovery
  ST STM32F429 Discovery
  ST STM32VL Discovery
  ST STR750
  TI AM335x EVM
  TI AM335x Starter Kit
  TI BeagleBone
  TI TM4C129X Development Board
  Toshiba BMSKTOPASA900
  Toshiba BMSKTOPASA910
  Toshiba BMSKTOPASM369