Supported Devices - Microchip - PIC24FJxxxGA0xx

The following table displays all supported devices of the device family PIC24FJxxxGA0xx by Microchip:

Device NameDevice FamilyCPU CoreSupported Flash TypesWikiJ-LinkFlasher PROFlasher CompactFlasher ARMFlasher Portable PLUSFlasher Secure 1Flasher ATESupport by SEGGER 2
PIC24FJ128GA006PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ128GA008PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ128GA010PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ16GA002PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ16GA004PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ32GA002PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ32GA004PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ48GA002PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ48GA004PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ64GA002PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ64GA004PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ64GA006PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ64GA008PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ64GA010PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ96GA006PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ96GA008PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory
PIC24FJ96GA010PIC24FJxxxGA0xxPIC24User Program Memory


Not supported

1 In host mode Flasher Secure behaves like a Flasher PRO. The security features of Flasher Secure in stand alone mode require access to a unique ID of the target system. Please contact SEGGER for further advice.
2 If a device is not supported by SEGGER directly, you will find help by contacting the device vendor.