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Embedded World | 2018




Functional safety RTOS
IEC 61508 SIL3 and IEC 62304 Class C

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Embedded Studio

Embedded Studio is a complete
C/C++ Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) for ARM based

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Teaching Technology

Access your BT headphone with a web browser

IP over USB

Access USB devices by a web browser
or via other IP based protocols.
No drivers required
Windows, Linux, Mac

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Demonstrating J-Trace PRO trace probe for ARM Cortex-M

J-Trace PRO

J-Trace PRO

Unlimited Real-Time Tracing
Live Code Profiling
Live Code Coverage

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J-Link debug probe

SystemView PRO

Modern debug and verification tool, Event,
interrupt, and API tracing, Real-Time analysis
and visualisation

SystemView Timeline

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It simply works!

The Embedded Experts

For 25 years SEGGER Microcontroller has developed and distributed high-end software components and development tools for embedded systems, that are highly optimized and "simply work". More about SEGGER.

RTOS & Embedded Software

SEGGER provides highly efficient software libraries that lay the groundwork for modern embedded systems.

Software Tools

SEGGER supports developers of embedded and Internet-of-Things systems with High-End software tools to develop, create, verify and debug their target system.

Debug & Trace Probes

The J-Link debug probes with their outstanding performance, robustness and ease of use is the market leading debug probe today.

Flasher / In-Circuit Programmers

SEGGER's in-circuit flash programming solutions are ultra-fast and reliable making them the perfect choice for mass production environments.

News, Blog and PR

Feb. 07

embOS, SEGGER’s signature RTOS, is known for its small footprint, performance, reliability and intuitive API, and has been proven for more than twenty...

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Feb. 01

SEGGER, a leading embedded software and development tools provider, is proud to announce its further expansion. Just last week, SEGGER broke ground on...

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Jan. 26

SEGGER Microcontroller, a leading supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems, is pleased to announce and welcome Axel...

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Feb. 27  - Mar. 01

SEGGER is again presenting the latest products at the EW 2018, presented by the product managers themselves.

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