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SEGGER - emCompress-ToGo Slider


Brings Compression to any
Embedded System

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Background buyout license Embedded Studio

SEGGER Embedded Studio Buyout License

Buyout licensing
for Embedded Studio

Company wide
No hardware dongle
No license server

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Heat control created with AppWizard

emWin AppWizard used to create smart home application

emWin AppWizard

Complete and ready-to-run emWin applications.
Little to no experience with emWin
or even C required.
Integrated play mode makes testing simpler.

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Slide Embedded Studio

emPack product logo


emPack is a complete
operating system for IoT devices
and embedded systems

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Teaching Technology

Access your BT headphone with a web browser

IP over USB

Access USB devices by a web browser
or via other IP based protocols.
No drivers required
Windows, Linux, Mac

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J-Trace Slide

J-Trace Screen

J-Trace PRO

Unlimited Real-Time Tracing
Live Code Profiling
Live Code Coverage

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embOS certification background

TÜV Süd LogoembOS-Safe Logo


Functional safety RTOS
IEC 61508 SIL3 and IEC 62304 Class C

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The Embedded Experts - It simply works!

SEGGER Microcontroller provides professional development and production solutions for the embedded market. All SEGGER products are highly optimized and benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the industry. More about SEGGER.

Product Categories


RTOS & Embedded Software

SEGGER provides highly efficient software libraries that lay the groundwork for modern embedded systems.


Software Tools

SEGGER supports developers of embedded and Internet-of-Things systems with High-End software tools to develop, create, verify and debug their target system.


Debug & Trace Probes

The J-Link debug probes, with their outstanding performance, robustness and ease of use, are the market leading debug probes today.


Flasher / In-Circuit Programmers

SEGGER's in-circuit flash programming solutions are ultra-fast and reliable making them the perfect choice for mass production environments.

CATEGORY:Embedded Studio
Better code size optimization with Embedded Studio v5

The newly released Embedded Studio V5 for Arm processors comes with SEGGER’s Compiler, Linker, and Runtime and Floating-Point libraries. All components are designed from the ground up for Embedded Systems and work seamlessly to generate extremely small programs.

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J-Flash and all other SEGGER tools for J-Link are available for Windows, Linux, macOS

With the release of SEGGER J-Link software v6.70, all included tools are now available on every popular operating system: Windows, macOS and Linux.

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News and Blog

Debugging the dual-core NXP i.MX RT600 with the one and only SEGGER J-Link

How to maintain a debug session of two cores at the same time, with the same probe, in two different IDEs/debuggers with only the SEGGER J-Link?

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In this article we will take a look at how AppWizard’s flexibility lets us re-purpose the rotary widget as a circular gauge.

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CATEGORY:Embedded Studio

SEGGER Embedded Studio is now available in a new version. Included in the update are new versions for the SEGGER Compiler v10.0.0 and for the Clang...

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Aug.10 - Aug.13

Location: San Jose Convention Center,
San Jose, California, USA

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SEGGER - Secure Product Lifecycle Management Icon

One of the most overlooked areas in IoT product development today is how to securely manage a device's lifecycle. Focus is often placed on developing...

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Project Showcase


The SEGGER showcase page demonstrates how SEGGER products can be used in real world applications.