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SEGGER—Free Tools and Utilities

SEGGER, the experts for embedded solutions, provides a number of free tools and utilities that can be used free of charge for personal, non-commercial use. All these utilities have in common that they are based on software developed by SEGGER. As such they are a demonstrator platform of the software and at the same time a helpful utility of the task at hand. 

Composite Device Driver Fixer

This tool is intended to fix driver issues for composite USB devices under Windows 7 with a third party USB 3.0 driver. The third party USB 3.0 host drivers used with Windows 7 install the device driver for only a single interface which is described by the MS OS descriptors, instead of notifying Windows that the device is a composite device which consists of multiple interfaces.

MS OS descriptors have been introduced by Microsoft in order to avoid providing a driver or an installation package. Using this with the standard Microsoft USB drivers, this is working flawlessly with all Windows versions starting with Windows XP.

For Windows 7 only USB 2.0 drivers are available natively. USB 3.0 host drivers are provided by the USB 3.0 controller manufacturers. Those drivers integrate their own USB host stack which should makes sure that the devices connected to them are handled in the same way as with the Microsoft USB host stack. However we have found out that during enumeration this is not the case. The MS OS descriptors are handled incorrectly. The MS OS descriptors are described at interface level, so each interface can have a descriptor entry. The device itself never has MS OS descriptors (with MS OS descriptors V1.0). The third party USB 3.0 drivers pass the MS OS descriptor entries at device level and Windows thinks that the entire device is single interface device described by the MS OS descriptor, which is incorrect.

In order to fix the aforementioned issue this tool can be used to re-install the right driver which is the composite device driver for your device. 



SystemView is a real-time recording and visualization tool to gain a deep understanding of the runtime behavior of an application, going far beyond what debuggers are offering. This is particularly advantageous when developing and working in complex systems with multiple threads and interrupts to analyze problems and to find inefficiencies.

emSecure Sign & Verify

emSecure Sign & Verify is a Windows application for the protection of personal files. It makes signing and verifying digital documents easy by simply using Drag and Drop. The utility is provided free of charge for personal use.

Sign & Verify makes any kind of data transmission more secure, be it for commercial or private use. A pair of public and private keys is used to create and verify the digital signatures.

Bin2C - Binary to C Converter

Bin2C is a command-line utility for Windows which takes a binary (or HTML or text) file as input and converts it to a C-array that can be directly included into a target application code. The utility does not require additional software to be installed (runs stand-alone). Typical usage applications are data that need to be included in a C-program,
such as FPGA configuration data, bitmaps in portable format (such as GIF, PNG), web pages that need to be delivered by a built-in web server and more.

emVNC - VNC Client

emVNC is a universal VNC Client. With this Windows tool, users can connect to any VNC server. Any device with a VNC server can be connected to any other computer in the network this way, using IP access. The device can then, for example, be remote controlled via VNC.


MD5Calc - Hash Calculator

MD5 Calc is a command-line utility for Windows that generates a 32-digit MD5 hash for a given file. The utility does not require additional software to be installed (runs stand-alone).

pwGen - Password Generator

pwGen is a password generator for Windows. It generates a pseudo-random 8-character password and copies it with a single click into the clipboard. This tool does not require installation and provides passwords from a trustworthy source.