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Welcome to the Silicon Vendors Resource Center!

Become a SEGGER partner and let us help you build a complete Ecosystem for your devices.



Ecosystem Partnership

We welcome all Silicon Vendors to leverage SEGGER’s resources, available services, and collaboration opportunities. If you are a maker of microcontrollers, CPUs, SoCs or memory chips, partnering with SEGGER will help you make your silicon more attractive.

SEGGER is open to engage in co-marketing activities and offers valuable services for your existing and new devices. Become a SEGGER partner and let us help you build a complete Ecosystem for your devices.

From the availability of RTOS & Software libraries, Development tools, Debug probes and Production Programming, there is a lot to gain in cooperating with us.

Contact Us

We are ready to help in any way we can. Please click on the button to complete the contact form and you will receive a prompt response. 


Marketing Collaboration

SEGGER is happy to engage in co-marketing activities whether it is a joint press release, OEM rebranding, blog articles, web page presence, and more. The possibilities are limitless!

J-Link Premium Service

Enable your new devices with the most extensive ecosystem available for embedded development today with J-Link Premium Service, even before product release! Your customers will benefit from a quick and efficient user experience and an array of SEGGER and third-party software tools. Visit our J-Link Premium Service page for more information.


J-Link OB (on-board)

Add all the advantages of the J-Link debug probe to your evaluation boards in a single chip design at a very reasonable price. This optimizes the eval board functionality without the need for the end user to acquire a separate debug probe to evaluate the hardware. Virtual COM ports (VCOM) and Drag and Drop intuitive programming are also available features.

RTOS/Embedded Software BSPs

Enable your new and existing evaluation kits with a complete professional embedded software board support package. Technical support is provided by the engineers who wrote the code, and performance and resource usage are industry leading.


Memory Device Support

Enable your memory devices with SEGGER's development and flash programming solutions. SEGGER's J-Link debug probes program flash (NOR, CFI, NAND, SPI, and more...) at maximum speed and with unlimited breakpoints. A complete line of Flashers offer fast and scalable production programming capabilities. SEGGER's embedded file system emFile supports multiple storage devices: NAND, NOR, and SD-Card. It is fail-safe and offers encryption and error correction. Reach out to SEGGER to support your memory devices.

Silicon Vendor Buyout (Object Code Redistribution)

License any of SEGGER's embedded software components, IDE, or Floating Point Library for redistribution to your customers under your own terms. Complete your offerings with a proven commercial solution.


Embedded Studio Buyout

License SEGGER's professional IDE Embedded Studio specific for use on your devices.  Your customers benefit from a professional IDE that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.  It makes use of a highly optimized run-time library for best performance and smallest code size. Embedded Studio includes Clang/LLVM, and GCC C/C++ Compilers, a feature-packed debugger, and powerful project manager.  Free up your resources and let SEGGER manage your IDE needs.

emSecure - Secure Bootloader prevents cloning and hacking

emSecure is a digital signature software which can be used to prevent cloning of a device and execution of unauthorized firmware (hacking).

Give your customers the capability to easily secure their intellectual property and applications by deploying emSecure in the bootloader located in the ROM of your devices. In short, secure deployment is made possible without the requirement of an external secure element. SEGGER's security experts will guide you through implementation and fully support you through your secure flow.

More information

emSecure in ROM

emSecure in ROM


We have a proprietary CPU. Is there any point talking to SEGGER?

A: Yes, absolutely! All our software libraries are written in "C", so they should simply work. Our flash programming tools can easily be adopted to other devices, and other things such as J-Link debug support can be discussed.

I have another idea, that is not listed. Does it make sense to get in touch with SEGGER?

A: Of course! We love to hear from you and discuss.

How can I get in touch with SEGGER?

A: Please fill in the contact form or send an email to

I work for a Silicon vendor, but I am too busy right now to discuss opportunities. Can you keep me posted on new things that come up that could be of interest for me?

A: Yes, we have a special mailing list for this purpose. We can add you to it and keep you posted without flooding your inbox.

I work for an EDA company. We are very impressed by the numbers you publish for your Run Time and Floating point libraries. Can your code run or even be optimized for our CPU cores and are buyouts available?

A: Yes. Let us know what you are looking for, we should be able to help!