Supported Devices - Silicon Labs - Zero Gecko

The following table displays all supported devices of the device family Zero Gecko by Silicon Labs:

Device NameDevice FamilyCPU CoreWikiJ-LinkFlasher PROFlasher PRO XLFlasher CompactFlasher ARMFlasher Portable PLUSFlasher Secure 1Support by SEGGER 2
Silicon Labs
EFM32ZG108F16Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG108F32Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG108F4Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG108F8Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG110F16Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG110F32Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG110F4Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG110F8Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG210F16Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG210F32Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG210F4Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG210F8Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG222F16Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG222F32Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG222F4Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFM32ZG222F8Zero GeckoCortex-M0
EFR32ZG14PxxxF256Zero GeckoCortex-M4
ZGM130SZero GeckoCortex-M4


1 Please contact SEGGER to check prerequisites for the device support.
2 If a device is not supported by SEGGER directly, you will find help by contacting the device vendor.