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SEGGER Evaluation Software for SEGGER emPower

SEGGER Evaluation Software

Download   SEGGER Eval Software for emPower and SEGGER Embedded Studio

Download   SEGGER IP-over-USB Evaluation Package for emPower and Embedded Studio

Getting started

More Information   Step by step tutorial to get the evaluation software package up and running. 

Other Downloads

Request       embOS-MPU trial for Cortex-M and SEGGER Embedded Studio

Download   embOS trial for Cortex-M and SEGGER Embedded Studio


Download   UM06001: emPower User Manual

Download   emPower Schematic

Download   AN00020: Getting Started with SEGGER Eval Software

SEGGER Notifications

  to SEGGER Eval Software Notifications

Data sheets

SEGGER emPower

  • NXP Kinetis K66 MCU (MK66FN2M0VMD18) 180MHz, ARM Cortex-M4
  • 1.8" LCD module (resolution 160x128)
  • External debug interface (19-pin Cortex-M); incl. trace
  • Display adapter connector (5 V/3.3 V, SPI, PWM for backlight control)
  • 100 Mbps fast Ethernet
  • USB device: High speed, B-type connector
  • USB host: Full speed, providing USB supply to device, A type receptacle (for directly plugging in A type devices/modules)
  • NAND Flash 1GBit
  • 3 expansion interfaces providing I2C, SPI buses, UART, CAN, GPIO/timer, analog input, power, compatible with 3.3V SExI modules.
  • microSD card connector
  • Joystick 4(+1)-way, 1x "FIRE" button, 1x RESET button
  • Rotary input (potentiometer to ADC)
  • LEDs: 4x bicolor
  • Pin headers for spare MCU signals
  • On-board debug probe J-Link-OB (STM32F072, mini A/B-type connector); SWD/SWO only, no VCOM port support
  • Configuration free: no shorting links or solder jumpers required
  • Dimensions 99 mm x 80 mm
  • Supports programming via Drag & Drop and  J-Flash / J-Flash Lite

Kinetis MK66FN2M0VMD18

  • 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 based core with DSP instructions and Single Precision Floating Point unit
  • 2 MB program flash memory
  • 256 KB RAM
  • 4 KB FlexRAM
  • Memory protection unit with multi-master protection
  • 48 MHz internal reference
  • Hardware random-number generator
  • Supports DES, AES, SHA accelerator (CAU)
  • Two 16-bit SAR ADCs and two 12-bit DAC
  • Ethernet controller with RMII interface to external PHY and hardware IEEE 1588 capability
  • USB high-/full-/low-speed On-the-Go with on-chip high speed transceiver
  • USB full-/low-speed OTG with on-chip transceiver
  • CAN, SPI, I2C and UART modules
  • Secure Digital Host Controller (SDHC)

Add-On Modules

RS232 add-on board for emPower

The RS232 module is equipped with a female DSUB9 connector so that the add-on board can be connected to a PC (or a USB to serial adapter) directly or by using a 1:1 male / female cable (this module is a peripheral or DCE).
This module can be plugged to one of the three Expansion Interfaces (J500/ExpIF0, J501/ExpIF1, J502/ExpIF2) of the emPower V2 board.

Application example: Modbus protocol applying SEGGER emModbus software.

emPower board with plugged RS232 module

SEGGER - emPower RS232

RS232 module

SEGGER - emPower RS232

Block diagram of the RS232 module

SEGGER - emPower RS232 BlockDiagram