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emUSB-Host Drivers

In order to run emUSB-Host a driver for the USB host controller of the target hardware is required. All hardware dependencies are encapsulated in the driver. The driver interface has been designed in such a way that most common USB host controllers can be supported.



Range of Supported USB Hardware

A lot of USB host controllers are OHCI or EHCI compatible, in some cases the host controller is based on a specific IP. Most controllers currently on the market share a similar IP base with a couple other devices. This enables us in most cases to create new drivers for devices not yet listed in a reasonable time frame.

Below is a list of supported devices. If your device is not listed, feel free to contact us about adding support.

The following device drivers are available for emUSB-Host

DeviceDriverPart #
AT32UC3AAVR32 Driver (4)9.40.04
AT91SAM9260OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM9261OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM9263OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM92G10OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM92G20OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM9G15OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM9G45OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM9XEOHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAM92G45/M10OHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAMA5D2xOHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAMA5D2xEHCI Driver9.40.03
AT91SAMA5D3xOHCI Driver9.40.00
AT91SAMA5D3xEHCI Driver9.40.03
ATSAMV70/V71/S70/E70ATSAMx7 Driver (3, 4)9.40.14
XMC45xxSynopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver9.40.05
iMX6EHCI Driver9.40.03
iMXRT105x/106xEHCI Driver9.40.03
Kinetis K2x, K6x, K7xEHCI Driver (high-speed controller)9.40.03
Kinetis K2x, K4x, K6x, K7xKinetis Full Speed Driver (full-speed controller) (1)9.40.07
Kinetis KL20Kinetis Full Speed Driver (1)9.40.07
LPC17xxOHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2387OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2388OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2420OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2458OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2460OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2468OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2470OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC2478OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC3180OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC3220OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC3230OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC3240OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC3250OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC4088OHCI Driver9.40.00
LH7A400OHCI Driver9.40.00
LH7A404OHCI Driver9.40.00
LPC18xx (except LPC181x)EHCI Driver9.40.03
LPC18Sxx (except LPC181Sx)EHCI Driver9.40.03
LPC43xx (except LPC431x)EHCI Driver9.40.03
LPC43Sxx (except LPC431Sx)EHCI Driver9.40.03
LPC546xx, LPC540xx, LPC5411xOHCI Driver (Full Speed)9.40.00
LPC55S69 (4)OHCI Driver (Full Speed)9.40.00
LPC546xx, LPC540xx, LPC55S6xLPC54 High Speed Driver9.40.15
NECV850ES Jx(G/H)3-UOHCI Driver9.40.00
Renesas Driver9.40.02
Renesas Driver9.40.02
(RX621, RX62N)
Renesas Driver9.40.02
(RX631, RX63N)
Renesas Driver9.40.02
Renesas Driver9.40.02
Renesas Driver9.40.02
Renesas Driver9.40.02
(RZ/A1H - R7S72100x
RZ/A1M - R7S72101x
RZ/A1L  - R7S72102x)
Renesas Driver9.40.02
RZ/G1EEHCI Driver (High Speed)
OHCI Driver (Full Speed)
(S3A3, S3A7, S5D5, S5D9, S7G2)
Renesas Driver9.40.02
ST Microelectronics
STM32F105Synopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver9.40.05
STM32F107Synopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver9.40.05
STM32F2xxSynopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver (2)9.40.05
STM32F2xxSynopsys DWC2 High Speed Driver (2)
STM32F4xxSynopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver (2)9.40.05
STM32F4xxSynopsys DWC2 High Speed Driver (2)9.40.06
STM32F7xxSynopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver (2)9.40.05
STM32F7xxSynopsys DWC2 High Speed Driver (2)9.40.06
STM32H7xxSynopsys DWC2 High Speed Driver
(can also be used in full-speed mode)
STM32L4x5, STM32L4x6, STM32L4x7, STM32L4x9Synopsys DWC2 Full Speed Driver (2)9.40.05

Due to hardware limitation, only one transfer with one device can be queued at once. Not recommended for emUSB-Host LAN, CDC, MTP or AUDIO components. No hub support.

Current limitation: If the internal full-speed PHY of the STM32Fxxx controller is used, low-speed devices connected via an external USB hub do not enumerate properly due to a hardware limitation.

3 Highly restricted support of external hubs.

4 No AUDIO class support.