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emUSB-Host—Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)


The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is a USB class protocol which can be used to transfer files to and from storage devices. MTP is an official extension of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) designed to allow digital cameras to exchange image files with a computer. MTP extends this by adding support for all types of files.


Structure of MTP Component

An MTP device connected to the emUSB-Host is accessed directly by the application through the MTP class API. In addition to being able to read and write files on a MTP device, MTP properties can be retrieved and modified by the application.


The emUSB-Host MTP implementation works out of the box with most vendors' MTP device implementations. Functionality has been confirmed with a multitude of Android distributions, Windows phones and other MTP devices.

Additional Information

For more technical details about MTP and PTP follow this link.

Resource Usage by this Component

ROM usage RAM usage
App. 13.2 KBytes    App. 40 Bytes + 4 KBytes per each device