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emUSB-Host Downloads

emUSB-Host, SEGGER's USB host software stack, implements full USB host functionality, including external hub support, and optionally provides device class drivers. It enables developers to easily add USB host functionality to any embedded system.

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VersionDateFile size
emUSB Host User Manual
Digital signature:  Download emSecure Digital Signature
md5 checksum: 6a68b4addf6a9f09ae0265afb550e1d5
[2018-06-19]2,405 KB  DOWNLOAD
VersionDateFile size
SEGGER emUSB-Host LAN Evaluation Package for ST STM32F746 Discovery board and Embedded Studio
Digital signature:  Download emSecure Digital Signature
md5 checksum: 3f9b493456de32e004dac37cd13774f0
V2.10 Pre-release
[2018-06-06]36,873 KB  DOWNLOAD
emUSB-Host is part of many BSPs which are available for most of our eval boards.
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