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Evaluation on Embedded Hardware

SEGGER's intention is to cut software development time for embedded applications by offering high quality, compact, flexible and easy-to-use products allowing developers to concentrate on their applications.

All provided ports are done and verified by SEGGER and not by customers. For an easy start with our software products, SEGGER recommends to make use of its emPower eval board, which provides a comprehensive set of SEGGER’s middleware products. emPower is an affordable platform for customers to enhance software evaluation, prototyping and proof of concept.

In addition, SEGGER offers ready to use trial/eval versions for a variety of evalboards. The packages include some or all of the following components:

  • embOS - Real time OS / RTOS
  • embOS/IP - TCP/IP Stack
  • emWin - Graphic software / GUI
  • emFile - File system with support for NAND-, NOR- flashes, SD, CF cards, IDE and more
  • emUSB-Device - USB device stack with support for bulk, MSD, CDC, HID and more
  • emUSB-Host - USB Host stack
  • emModbus - Modbus stack


This is an introduction video of how to use and configure the evaluation packages for different evaluation boards in SEGGER's own development environment Embedded Studio.

More information about Embedded Studio can be reviewed at:

To download the trial version of Embedded Studio follow this link:




Check the list of supported Semiconductors below for available eval software versions. Support for other evalboards is constantly added. For detailed instructions on how to use our SEGGER eval software, please download our manual Getting Started with SEGGER Eval Software.

Some packages are executable demos, which cannot be modified; some packages are trial versions, which come with the software in a library and the application in source code form, as well as a project for the IDE that has been used.

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