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IoT Toolkit — IoT Library Collection for Embedded Systems

The IoT Toolkit is a collection of libraries that enables communication with modern IoT based environments and devices. It is a high-performance collection of libraries optimized for minimum memory consumption in RAM, ROM, high speed, and versatility working on any device.

  • Easy to use API to get started with IoT applications
  • Supports REST API
  • Supports handling plain received data
  • Supports handling data encoding like JSON
  • Small embedded optimized API
  • Small module based libraries for a small footprint
  • Memory efficient and resource effective handling of data



About IoT Toolkit

The IoT Toolkit is a collection of libraries that support you in effortless communication with modern IoT devices while concentrating on the important parts of your application.

While IoT devices typically speak simple languages it can become a burden to actually implement these languages conform to their standards. The IoT toolkit provides proven libraries that help you surpass the difficulties when starting starting to access modern web based services. The collection of libraries provides an easy to use API split into multiple theme based parts that can be used independent from each other and can be combined anytime necessary.

Using the IoT Toolkit jumpstarts the implementation of simple tasks like retrieving web pages using the HTTP client up to more complex tasks like communicating with REST based APIs by using the HTTP client together with the JSON parser. Popular services like Dropbox that provide their REST API to developers can be interfaced using this toolkit. Depending on the provided service additional components like a TLS stack such as emSSL might be necessary.

The libraries are optimized for use in embedded systems but are not limited to. PC based applications like emDropbox are possible too.

Protocol Modules

HTTP client

Easy to use library to execute requests to regular webpages as well as IoT resources like REST interface APIs based on the HTTP protocol and handle the returned data.

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Data Handling Modules

JSON parser

Parser library for easy and memory efficient JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data handling for most modern IoT resources like REST API resources.

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IoT Toolkit — Getting Started

The IoT Toolkit easily becomes the backbone of your IoT driven application as it has all the necessary building blocks including components like the HTTP client and the JSON parser. A collection of easy to follow samples that show each part of this powerful IoT Toolkit in action may be found below.
You can download the IoT Toolkit evaluation package from the following location: IoT Toolkit Evaluation

Try out now

An example of a more complex and feature rich application built with the SEGGER IoT Toolkit is our dropbox client emDropbox. This is a free to use sample application.

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