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emUSB-Host CP210x

  • Compatibility with different CP210x devices
  • Ability to send and receive data
  • Ability to set various parameters, such as baud rate, number of stop bits, parity
  • Handling of multiple CP210x devices at the same time
  • Notifications about CP210x connection status
  • Ability to query the CP210x line and modem status
  • Small footprint



A USB to UART bridge typically contains an CP210x chip which performs data translation.



About CP210x

Many devices formerly connected via UART have been equipped with USB interfaces using serial to UART converters such as the CP210x USB-to-UART Bridges from Silicon Labs. emUSB-Host is capable of easily addressing such devices.

Application Samples emUSB-Host CP210x

CP2102 USB to UART Bridge



The following devices were tested with the current CP210x driver:

  • CP2102
  • CP2103
  • CP2104

Example Code Included

An example application which uses the API is provided with any shipment or eval software including emUSB-Host. This example displays information about the CP210x device in the I/O terminal of the debugger. In addition the application then starts a simple echo server, sending back the received data. Several application samples can also be found on the emUSB-Host sample page.


Components required to use emUSB-Host CP210x:

  • emUSB-Host CP210x
  • emUSB-Host core (Included in emUSB-Host PRO package)
  • emUSB-Host target driver (One driver is included in emUSB-Host PRO package)
  • Real-time operating system (embOS or other)