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emUSB-Host On-The-Go

USB On-The-Go (OTG) introduces the dual-role device, meaning a device capable of functioning as either host or peripheral. USB OTG retains the standard USB host/peripheral model, in which a single host talks to USB peripherals. emUSB OTG offers a simple interface in order to detect the role of the USB OTG controller.

  • Detection of the USB role of the device
  • Virtually any USB OTG transceiver can be used
  • Simple interface to OTG-hardware
  • Seamless integration with emUSB-Host and emUSB-Device



USB On-The-Go (OTG) allows two USB devices to "talk" to each other.

Example Code Included

An example application which uses the API is provided with any shipment or eval-software including emUSB-Host-OTG. This example starts the OTG stack and waits until a valid session is detected. As soon as a valid session is detected, the ID-pin state is checked to detect whether emUSB-Device or emUSB-Host shall then be initialized. For emUSB-Device a simple mouse sample is used. On emUSB-Host side an MSD-sample is used that detects a USB memory stick and shows information about the detected stick.

Resource Usage by this Class

ROM usageRAM usage
App. 350 Byte + (emUSB-Host core incl. driver + emUSB-Device core incl. driver)4 Byte + (emUSB-Host core incl. driver + emUSB-Device core incl. driver)