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emUSB-Host CCID Class

  • Use smart cards with embedded systems
  • Communicate with any CCID compatible device
  • Small memory footprint in RAM and ROM

The CCID Class is primarily used to add smart card support to an embedded system.



About CCID Class

The Chip Card Interface Device (CCID) Class allows to enumerate and communicate with any CCID compatible USB device. It can be used to connect smart card readers to an embedded device. Readers for either contact based or contactless smart cards are supported.

Typical Applications:

  • Access control
  • Authentication
  • Cryptographic key management

Sample Applications emUSB-Host CCID Class

Card reader


NFC card reader


RFID card reader



Components required to use emUSB-Host CCID Class:

  • emUSB-Host CCID Class
  • emUSB-Host core
  • emUSB-Host target driver
  • Real-time operating system (embOS or other)

Simple user API

  • Notification for newly connected smart card readers.
  • Notification if smart cards are inserted or removed.
  • Simple function to send APDU's to the smart card.