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  • Handling of multiple printers at the same time
  • Notifications about printer connection status
  • Ability to query the printer operating status and its device ID
  • Small footprint

emUSB-Host Printer

The USB class protocol for printers was defined for the handling of output devices, like printers and plotters. A printer connected to emUSB-Host is automatically configured. The implementation of the printer class forwards the print data to a connected printer. The actual print data has to be generated using printer specific codes.

The emUSB-Host Printer class allows the communication with any printer that supports the USB printer class protocol specified by the USB Implementers Forum.

Sample Application Included

An example application which uses the API is provided with any shipment or eval software including emUSB-Host. This example displays information about the printer and its connection status in the I/O terminal of the debugger. In addition the text "Hello World" is printed out at the top of the current page when the first printer connects.

Resource Usage by this Component

ROM usage RAM usage
App. 2.7 KByte + (emUSB-Host core incl. driver)    36 Byte + < 0.5 KByte per each device + (emUSB-Host core incl. driver)