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  • Compatibility with different FTDI UART devices
  • Ability to send and receive data
  • Ability to set various parameters, such as baud rate, number of stop bits, parity
  • Handling of multiple FTDI UART devices at the same time
  • Notifications about FTDI UART connection status
  • Ability to query the FTDI UART line and modem status
  • Small footprint

Many devices formerly connected via UART have been equipped with USB interfaces using serial to UART converters such as the FTDI UART and FT-X devices from FTDI. emUSB-Host is capable of easily addressing such devices.



A USB to RS-232 converter typically contains an FTDI chip which performs data translation.


The following devices were tested with the current FTDI UART driver:

  • FT8U232AM
  • FT232B
  • FT232R
  • FT2232D
  • FT231X

Example Code Included

An example application which uses the API is provided with any shipment or eval software including emUSB-Host. This example displays information about the FTDI UART device in the I/O terminal of the debugger. In addition the application then starts a simple echo server, sending back the received data.


Components required to use emUSB-Host FTDI UART:

  • emUSB-Host FTDI UART (Included in emUSB-Host PRO package)
  • emUSB-Host core (Included in emUSB-Host PRO package)
  • emUSB-Host target driver (One driver is included in emUSB-Host PRO package)
  • RTOS (embOS)

Application Samples

USB to RS232 Konverter