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emWin - Tools

Bitmap Converter

The Bitmap Converter converts common image file formats like BMP, GIF and PNG into the desired emWin bitmap format.

The Bitmap Converter is designed for converting common image file formats like BMP, PNG or GIF into the desired emWin bitmap format. That can be a C file which can directly be compiled and linked with the project or a binary format, which can be loaded at runtime. Simply load an image into the application. Convert the color format if you want or have to, and save it in the appropriate format.

  • Creation of emWin bitmap files in binary- and C-file format
  • Color quantizer for optimized color reducing
  • Image dithering
  • Image scaling
  • Usable by command line
  • Conversion of animated GIFs to animated sprites and cursors

emVNC Client

The emVNC is SEGGERs free version of a VNC client. 

It is easy to use, no fiddling with settings, simply enter the hosts IP address and connect. This tool was designed with a connection to an embedded hardware in mind. But, due to the fact it uses the RFB protocol it can also be used with any other VNC server without any problems.

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • File transfer via VNC
  • Zoom screen contents on client side


Runtime analysis of RAM usage, Window manager content and user input and screenshots directly from target device.

emWinSPY is designed for showing runtime information of the embedded target on a PC. It shows information about the currently connected emWin application like memory status, a tree with detailed information about all currently existing windows and a list of user input, which optionally can be written into a log file. Further it is able to take screenshots of the current screen. Communication works via a socket connection (TCP/IP) or Segger'’s Real Time Transfer (RTT), a new technology explained in detail on our website.

  • RTT or TCP/IP could be used
  • Detection of memory peak
  • Live time view of window manager objects
  • Logging of user input (Keyboard, Touch, MultiTouch)
  • Screenshots from target could be taken


Tool for viewing the display content of the simulation when stepping through the simulation.

The emWin viewer allows 'debugging' of the display output while stepping through the simulation. If the simulation is used when debugging the application, the display output normally could not be seen when stepping through the code. This is due to a limitation of Win32: If the debudded thread is halted, all other threads of the process are also halted. This includes the thread which outputs the simulated display on the screen.

The emWin viewer solves this problem by showing the display window of the simulation in a separate process. The viewer could be started before or while debugging.

  • Multiple layer view
  • Composite view
  • Magnification

Font Converter

Allows convenient conversion of any installed font of the host system into a bitmap font to be used on the target system.

The Font Converter allows convenient converting of any installed font of the host system into an emWin font which can be easily integrated into emWin based applications. That could be done by creating C files, which could be easily compiled and linked with the target project or any binary format supported by emWin.

  • Creation of emWin font files in binary- and C-file format
  • Merging of font files
  • Excluding of unused characters
  • Disabling / Enabling of desired codepoints


Creating dialogs without any knowledge of the C programming language.

The GUIBuilder application is a tool for creating dialogs without any knowledge of the C programming language. Instead of writing source code the widgets can be placed and sized by drag and drop. Additional properties can be added per context menu. Fine tuning can be done by editing the properties of the widgets. This does not require any knowledge of the C programming language. The dialogs can be saved as C files which can be enhanced by adding user defined code.

  • Creates widget based dialogs without knowledge of C-programming language


Converts nearly any existing movie format into an emWin movie file.

To be able to play movies with the emWin API functions it is required to create movie files of the emWin specific (E)mWin (M)ovie (F)ile format. To be able to create such movie files we have the tool JPEG2Movie. Usually there are already existing movie files which should be shown with emWin. The conversion to EMF could be done by JPEG2Movie with a single drag-and-drop operation.

  • Converts a file with a simple drag-and-drop operation
  • A huge number of input formats supported due to the great FFmpeg tool (