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emWin source upgrade

You are a user of a free emWin library supported by various silicon vendors?
Get now your emWin source code upgrade with a discount of up to 50%

emWin PRO is provided in library form by the following partners for use with their products exclusively:


Part of the MDK Pro package

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Download from


Please contact your local Dialog sales representative.

SEGGER Partner - Epson Logo

Please contact your local EPSON sales representative.

Infineon Logo

Part of the Dave3 installation

Microchip Logo

Part of the MPLAB Harmony Graphics Composer (MHGC)

Nuvoton Logo

Please contact your local Nuvoton sales representative.

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Part of the MCUXpresso SDK

SEGGER Partner - Renesas Logo

Please contact your local Renesas sales representative.

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Part of the Simplicity Studio for EFM32 devices

SEGGER Partner - ST Partner Logo

Part of the STemWin graphic software and STM32Cube middleware components

Available Packages

While the GUI emWin already offers great flexibility and minimized resources in library form, there are multiple benefits for upgrading to the source code offered by SEGGER:

  • Resource optimization is possible even with tool-chains not using a smart linker
  • Debugging is easier, if the use of parameters is documented by source code
  • Direct support from SEGGER's emWin developers (Not available for reference only packages)

The following source code license packages are available and includes SEGGER support

SEGGER commercial license permit the customer to use emWin according to the SEGGER License chosen. It provides the full emWin Source for use in development and production builds and includes SEGGER support.

emWin Source Upgrade

Part #



Price [EUR]

Price [USD]


emWin PRO Src Upgrade

Single Product Source Code License

emWin Pro, One driver, One year support and updates




emWin PRO Src Upgrade

Single Developer Source Code License

emWin Pro, One driver, One year support and updates




emWin GUIDRV in source code 1

CPU Source Code License

emWin driver



1 GUIDRV CPU-SCL provides the customer with the source of an emWin driver for their use with the SEGGER partner provided emWin object code. This is provided without SEGGER support.

Furthermore SEGGER offers source code for reference only without support by SEGGER

 Package Name Contents

Price [EUR]

Price [US]

emWin Pro Source code Upgrade Basic reference 2emWin Pro, Without drivers



emWin Pro Source code Upgrade Full reference 2emWin Pro, All drivers



2 SEGGER offers source code for reference only without support by SEGGER. Reference Only permits the licensing company to include the emWin Source in development builds. However; emWin Source is not permitted to be included in a production build. If a change to the source is required and a production build is desired, a further upgrade to a SP-SCL, SSL, or PF-SCL is required.

If you are satisfied with emWin, you might enjoy working with our other middleware products. SEGGER offers a full range of highly optimised robust software packages including the RTOS embOS, the file system emFile, the IP stack emNet, the USB stacks emUSB-Device and emUSB-Host, the Digital Signature Suite emSecure, the Bootloader emLoad and the Helper Libraries emLib