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Supported cores and compiler

  • All cores and compilers can be supported!
  • The kernel is completely written in C.
  • It is very efficient and can be ported to any processor for which an ANSI compliant C-compiler exists.
  • We support the entire range of 8 bit,16 bit and 32 bit microcontrollers. If you are interested in a particular device, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following list gives an overview on cores and compilers which are currently supported by embOS. We are continuously adding new targets.

If your core or compiler is not in the list, we will port embOS to your target, ensuring high quality and extensive testing.
Please feel free to contact us at

Chip vendor Core Compiler / IDE embOS Part#
Simulation x86 Microsoft VisualStudio embOS Sim VisualStudio 1.40.x.29
MinGW / GCC embOS Sim MinGW 1.40.x.30
ARM ARM7 / ARM9 ARM ADS 1.2 toolkit embOS ARM ADS12 1.08.x.13
ARM RVDS 3.0 embOS ARM RVDS30 1.08.x.16
Atollic TrueSTUDIO embOS ARM Atollic 1.08.x.20
GCC / emIDE embOS ARM GCC emIDE 1.08.x.25
IAR EWARM embOS ARM IAR 1.08.x.01
Keil MDK embOS ARM Keil MDK 1.08.x.08
Rowley CrossWorks embOS ARM Rowley 1.08.x.14
Segger Embedded Studio embOS ARM ES 1.08.x.28
Cortex-A / Cortex-R Atollic TrueSTUDIO embOS ARM Atollic 1.08.x.20
GCC / emIDE embOS ARM GCC emIDE 1.08.x.25
GNU Altera embOS ARM GNU Altera 1.30.x.01
IAR EWARM embOS ARM IAR 1.08.x.01
Keil MDKembOS ARM Keil MDK1.08.x.08
Rowley CrossWorks embOS ARM Rowley 1.08.x.14
Segger Embedded Studio embOS ARM ES 1.08.x.28
Cortex-M Atmel Studio embOS Cortex-M AtmelStudio 1.23.x.26
Atollic TrueSTUDIO embOS Cortex-M Atollic 1.23.x.20
ARM DS-5 embOS Cortex-M DS5 1.23.x.27
CodeSourcery embOS Cortex-M CodeSourcery 1.23.x.24
Cypress PsoC embOS Cortex-M Cypress GNU 1.23.x.21
GCC / emIDE embOS Cortex-M GCC/emIDE 1.23.x.25
embOS-MPU Cortex-M IAR
Keil MDK embOS Cortex-M Keil MDK 1.23.x.08
Rowley CrossWorks embOS Cortex-M Rowley 1.23.x.14
Segger Embedded Studio embOS Cortex-M ES
embOS-MPU Cortex-M ES
TI Code Composer embOS Cortex-M TICC 1.23.x.22
Altera (Intel) NIOS2 Altera GCC embOS NIOS2 GNU 1.16.x.11
Cypress Semiconductor F2MC-16LX/FX Softune embOS F2MC-16LX/FX Softune 1.07.x.05
FR30/50/70 Softune embOS FR30/50/70 Softune 1.14.x.05
Infineon C16x Keil MDK embOS C16x Keil MDK 1.11.x.08
Tasking embOS C16x Tasking 1.11.x.02
Microchip AVR ATMega/ATXMega IAR embOS AVR IAR 1.10.x.01
AVR32 GNU embOS AVR32AP GNU 1.28.x.11
GNU embOS AVR32UC GNU 1.28.x.11
IAR embOS AVR32UC IAR 1.28.x.01
PIC18 Microchip XC18 embOS PIC18 MPLAB C18 1.29.x.18
PIC24/PIC30/dsPIC33 Microchip XC16 embOS PIC24 XC16 1.22.x.18
PIC32 Microchip XC32 embOS PIC32 XC32 1.25.x.18
NXP ColdFire CodeWarrior embOS ColdFire CodeWarrior 1.21.x.17
CodeWarrior embOS ColdFireV1 CodeWarrior 1.31.x.17
IAR embOS ColdFire IAR 1.21.x.01
HCS12 CodeWarrior embOS HCS12 CodeWarrior 1.37.x.17
PowerPC CodeWarrior embOS PowerPC CodeWarrior 1.38.x.17
SO8 CodeWarrior embOS SO8 CodeWarrior 1.33.x.17
Renesas 78K0 IAR embOS 78K0/K0S/K0R IAR 1.01.x.01
78K4 IAR embOS 78K4 IAR 1.02.x.01
H8/H8S/H8SX IAR embOS H8/H8S IAR 1.18.x.01
HEW embOS H8/H8S/H8SX HEW 1.18.x.07
M16C/R8C HEW embOS R8C HEW 1.20.x.07
GNU embOS M16C GNU 1.05.x.11
NC30 embOS M16C NC30 1.05.x.04
IAR embOS M16C/R8C IAR 1.05.x.01
Tasking embOS M16C/R8C Tasking 1.05.x.02
M32C/M16C80 NC308 embOS M32C/M16C80 NC308 1.06.x.04
IAR embOS M32C/M16C80 IAR 1.06.x.01
RH850 IAR embOS RH850 IAR 1.42.x.01
IAR embOS RL78 IAR 1.36.x.01
RX IAR embOS RX IAR 1.34.x.01
CCRX embOS RX CCRX 1.34.x.07
GNU embOS RX GNU 1.34.x.23
R32C IAR embOS R32C IAR 1.26.x.01
HEW embOS R32C HEW 1.26.x.07
SH2 HEW embOS SH2 HEW 1.24.x.07
SH2A HEW embOS SH2A HEW 1.27.x.07
HEW GNU embOS SH2A HEW GNU 1.27.x.11
IAR embOS SH2A IAR 1.27.x.01
V850 GreenHills embOS V850 GreenHills 1.03.x.03
IAR embOS V850 IAR 1.03.x.01
NEC embOS V850 NEC 1.03.x.19
RISC-V Foundation RISC-V Segger Embedded Studio embOS RISC-V ES 1.55.x.28
Silicon Labs 8051 IAR embOS 8051 IAR 1.39.x.01
ST Microelectronics STM8 IAR embOS STM8 IAR 1.35.x.01
ST7 Cosmic embOS ST7 Cosmic 1.12.x.09
Toshiba CR16C IAR embOS CR16C IAR 1.19.x.01
TLCS-900 Toshiba embOS TLCS-900 Toshiba 1.13.x.12
Texas Instruments MSP430 IAR embOS MSP430 IAR 1.15.x.01
Rowley embOS MSP430 Rowley 1.15.x.14
TICC embOS MSP430 TICC 1.15.x.22