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embOS RTOS port for development with GCC-based tool-chains targeting ARM7/9 and Cortex-A/R based microcontrollers.

  • Supports all ARM7/9 and Cortex-A/R devices
  • Developed for the ARM Embedded GCC compiler
  • Contains Board Support Packages for various devices and evaluation boards
  • Can be used with any GCC compatible IDE and build tool



Development Environment

The embOS ARM GCC port is not tied to a specific IDE. It can be used with any GCC based development environment supporting ARM7/9 and Cortex-A/R based devices. The following list includes examples for development tools based on GCC:

  • emIDE
  • Makefiles + GDB or Ozone
  • GNU MCU Eclipse
  • Atollic TrueSTUDIO

Resources and Performance Data

Memory usage
Kernel ROMApprox. 1700 Bytes
Kernel RAM110 Bytes
Task RAM: Task control block36 Bytes
Task RAM: Minimum stack size44 Bytes
Context switching time252 Cycles (0.629 µs with Renesas RZ running at 400 MHz)
Interrupt latency timeZero

Board support packages

embOS for ARM and GCC may be used on any ARM device. The most recent release includes the following board support packages, but further board support packages may easily be created based on this release.

Do you want us to create the BSP on your behalf? Just get in contact with us!

CPUEvaluation board
Altera Cyclone V SOCAltera SOCrates eval board
NXP i.MX6U5Variscite SOM DUAL Kit
Renesas R7S72100Renesas RSKRZA1
Xilinx XC7Z020Digilent ZedBoard
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More information about SEGGER Embedded Studio

More information about embOS for ARM 7/9/11/XScale/Cortex-A5/A8/A9 and SEGGER Embedded Studio