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embOS Simulation

Develop and test your embOS application on a PC without target hardware.


No functioning hardware needed

The embOS simulation visualizes and simulates your target hardware and allows you to write and test your application program without the need for functioning hardware. It compiles the same C source on a Windows PC using a native compiler. Therefore the entire application development of the simulation is identical to the one on your target system. All embOS API functions will behave in the same way.

The software includes a ready to go sample start workspace and project for Visual Studio 2010 and later releases which can be used as a good starting point for all of your applications. The simulation is available for MinGW, as well.

Download trial version of the embOS Simulation for MinGW.

Download trial version of the embOS Simulation for VisualStudio.


Device Simulation

embOS Simulation contains additional functions to visualize and simulate a hardware device. This may be used to simulate and visualize hardware ports, LEDs or displays which would normally be controlled with functions running on your real hardware.