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Resource usage

High performance combined with low resource usage has always been a major design consideration.

Resource usage of different operating systems

The actual resource usage depends on many factors (CPU, compiler, memory model, optimization, configuration, etc.). Therefore, these values are neither precise, nor guaranteed – but they give you a good idea of the memory requirements. In the table below, which is for a 32 bit target and XRelease build, you will find minimum ROM and RAM size requirements. 

Resource usageValue
Kernel size (ROM)approx. 1700 Byte
Kernel RAM usage71 Byte
RAM usage per task control block36 Byte
RAM usage per resource semaphore16 Byte
RAM usage counting semaphore8 Byte
RAM usage per mailbox24 Byte
RAM usage per software timer20 Byte
RAM usage task event0 Byte
Maximal number of tasksUnlimited (by available RAM only)
Maximal number. of mailboxesUnlimited (by available RAM only)
Maximal number of semaphoresUnlimited (by available RAM only)
Maximal number of software timersUnlimited (by available RAM only)
Maximal number of  task prioritiesUnlimited
Maximal number of tasks with identical priorities (Round robin scheduling)Unlimited