Supported Devices - Microchip - AVR tiny

The following table displays all supported devices of the device family AVR tiny by Microchip:

Device NameDevice FamilyCPU CoreWikiJ-LinkFlasher PROFlasher PRO XLFlasher CompactFlasher ARMFlasher Portable PLUSFlasher Secure 1Support by SEGGER 2
ATtiny10AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny13AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny13AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny13VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny1606AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny1607AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny1614AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny1616AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny1617AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny202AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny204AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny212AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny214AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny2313AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny2313AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny2313VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny24AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny24AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny24VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny25AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny25VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny26AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny261AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny26LAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny402AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny404AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny406AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny412AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny414AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny416AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny417AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny4313AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny44AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny44AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny44VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny45AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny45VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny461AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny461AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny461VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny48AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny814AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny816AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny817AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny84AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny84AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny84VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny85AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny85VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny861AVR tinyAVR
ATtiny861AAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny861VAVR tinyAVR
ATtiny88AVR tinyAVR


Not supported

1 In host mode Flasher Secure behaves like a Flasher PRO. The security features of Flasher Secure in stand alone mode require access to a unique ID of the target system. Please contact SEGGER for further advice.
2 If a device is not supported by SEGGER directly, you will find help by contacting the device vendor.