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Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio

About Simplicity Studio

Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio is a free IDE, based on Eclipse, for Silicon Labs Cortex-M (EFM32, EZR32, ...) and 8051 (EFM8, C8051) based devices. Simplicity Studio comes with built-in J-Link support.

How to Use J-Link in a Project

When opened, Simplicity Studio will show Starter Kits and J-Links in the section "Detected Hardware".

  • After opening a project, a debug probe can be chosen at the bottom of the window.
  • After opening the drop down menu, open "Detect..."
  • The following dialog will open, containing the devices previously shown in the section "Detected Hardware":
  • Select the desired debug probe
  • Right-Click and press Select Target Part
  • The adapter needs to be configured according to the device to be debugged
  • Click OK
  • Click OK

Simplicity Studio will do all further configuration required. Now the project is ready to be debugged with J-Link: