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RTOS Tools


SystemView is a real-time recording and visualization tool to gain a deep understanding of the runtime behavior of an application, going far beyond what debuggers are offering. This is particulary advantageous when developing and working in complex systems with multiple threads and interrupts to analyze problems and to find inefficiencies.

SystemView makes it possible to analyze which interrupts, tasks and software timers have executed, how often, when exactly and how much time they have used. It sheds light on what exactly happened in which order, which interrupt has triggered which task switch, which interrupt and task has called which API function of the underlying RTOS. SystemView interacts perfectly with embOS.

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embOSView is a very helpful tool for analysis of the running target application in real time. It displays the state of a running application using embOS. All communication is done from within the communication interrupt routines. This means that the communication is none intrusive if embOSView is not connected and minimum intrusive while embOSView is connected. In the profiling build, embOS collects precise timing information for every task, which enables embOSView to show the CPU load.

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embOS-Trace Percepio

embOS-Trace offers detailed and comprehensive insight into the runtime world for embedded software developers using embOS and SEGGER's leading debug probe J-Link. It improves the understanding of the behavior of a software and the changes made to it during the development process, thereby increasing development speed and efficiency notably.

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