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Unlimited Recording
Custom Filters
Advanced Analysis
Detailed System Statistics

SystemView PRO

SystemView is a real-time recording and visualization tool that reveals the inner workings of an application, going far deeper than the insight provided by debuggers. This is particularly effective when developing and working with complex systems comprising multiple threads and interrupts: SystemView can ensure a system performs as designed, can track down inefficiencies, and show unintended interactions and resource conflicts.

SystemView PRO extends the capabilities of the free tool SystemView. It does not only enable unlimited recording of events, but unlocks more powerful means of complete system analysis.


  • Minimally intrusive.
  • RTOS task, resource, and API tracing.
  • Interrupt tracing for bare metal systems without an RTOS.
  • Continuous real-time recording and live analysis with J-Link and SEGGER RTT technology.
  • Live analysis of captured data -- view responses to stimuli in real time without stopping the target!
  • embOS, embOS/IP, and FreeRTOS API call tracing as standard.
  • Can be adapted to other RTOS using a fully documented API.
  • Works on any CPU.

plus PRO features:

  • Unlimited recording.
  • Custom filters on events.
Download SEGGER SystemView package for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
SEGGER SystemView documentation
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Unlimited Recording

The free version of SystemView is limited to record and analyze one million events. SystemView PRO lifts the one million event limitation and enables Unlimited Recording.

While it is usually sufficient to record several seconds or even minutes of a system and capture all important events, it can be helpful to run long-time tests on a system to verify that it always behaves as expected.

Some timing related issues might only occur after hours of system up-time. With SystemView's Post-Mortem Mode the last events before such an issue happens can be stored, but it might be necessary to scroll back further in time and see more of the system activity.

Unlimited Recording provides full statistics of all contexts in long-time tests and allows a complete analysis of the system from startup up to the occurrence of any issue.

In addition to save the whole recording, SystemView PRO also features extraction of interesting parts to be saved separately for documentation or later analysis.


Custom Filters

To handle the big number of events, filters can help to set focus on specific events. Therefore the SystemView Events List includes filter options to hide events by category. It can for example hide all interrupts in the list or show only task execution events.

Additionally SystemView PRO features Custom Filters, which enable more detailed selection of which events to show. With Custom Filters not only any predefined event can be shown or hidden, it also features filtering the OS or middleware events by module or on a per event basis.


Installation and Activation

SystemView PRO does not require an additional installation of the software. The SystemView application can be installed as usual and the PRO features are unlocked when a license is present.

Download the SystemView package for your operating system and execute it. The graphical setup will guide you through the installation. Or download the portable SystemView package and unzip it.

To unlock the PRO features a license needs to be added.
The SystemView License Manager shows the details of all installed licenses and allows adding and removing licenses.

Open SystemView and go to the License Manager.
For a J-Link locked license, connect the J-Link via USB to the computer.
Click "Add License" and enter your license key.

A SystemView PRO license can be locked to a J-Link and stored on it. This provides easy portability as the J-Link can be plugged into any computer to unlock the PRO features. It can for example be used on a desktop computer at work and taken home to continue work on a notebook.

SystemView PRO licenses can also be locked to a single computer to not require a J-Link to be permanently connected.


FAQs & Troubleshooting

Q: What is the difference between SystemView and SystemView PRO?
A: SystemView PRO enables additional features of the SystemView application. It includes all features of SystemView plus the features unlimited recording and custom filters as described above.
Do I need different target sources to record with SystemView PRO?
A: No. The target sources stay the same and can be used with both versions.
Can I share a recording done with SystemView PRO and load it with the free SystemView?
A: Yes. The recording format is identical and recordings can be opened and analyzed with both versions. The free SystemView will only load the first one million events.
Will SystemView still be available for free?
A: Yes. There will always be a free version of SystemView.
My question is not listed above. Where can I get more information?
A: For more information feel free to contact us at