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SystemView Continuous Recording

With a J-Link debug probe and the SEGGER Real Time Transfer technology (RTT), SystemView can continuously record target execution in real time on the host computer, while the target is running. This enables analysis of the system behaviour over a longer period of time without requiring a large target memory buffer.



Data transfer

The recorded event data is transferred directly from the target system to the host computer without the need of any additional hardware on the system, despite of the default JTAG or SWD debug interface.

RTT requires the ability to reading memory via the debug interface during program execution. This especially includes ARM Cortex-M0, M0+, M1, M3, M4 and M7 processors as well as all Renesas RX devices.

SEGGER - SystemView J-Link

Start Continuous Recording

  • To start recording with SystemView, simply connect the J-Link and target and click Start Recording.
  • Enter or select the device name and if necessary configure the J-Link connection, target interface and RTT control block detection.
  • After configuration SystemView connects to the J-Link and continuously reads the SystemView data via RTT. 
  • SystemView can be used parallel to a debugger. In this case recording can be done while the debugger is running.
  • SystemView will now continuously read the recorded data from the target and update the windows with the analyzed data while recording.
  • The recorded data can be stored in a file for later analysis or system documentation. For more information refer to chapter "Recording with SystemView" of the SystemView User Manual.