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Release notes for SEGGER SystemView

Version 3.30 [19. Feb 2021]

New Features

  1. SystemView: Added support for handling multiple actions given on the command line.
  2. SystemView: Added command line action -delay.
  3. SystemView: Added remote control.
  4. Systemview: Added command line control of running instance when started with -single.
  5. SystemView: Added export to Contexts Window.
  6. SystemView: Added export to Terminal Window.


  1. SystemView: Improved error handling.
  2. SystemView: Loading module description expected Module_VVersion, changed to Module_Version (as in SystemView V2)
  3. SystemView: SystemView quit on load error. Changed to stay open.
  4. SystemView: Improved enabling/disabling Load and Save actions.
  5. SystemView: Do not show recording properties dialog when saving through the command line to enable full automation.
  6. SystemView: Print duration of overflows in System Info.
  7. Target Source: Encode a 0 length string if string pointer is NULL.
  8. Target Source: Renamed example embOS config Zynq7010 to Zynq7000 to match embOS BSP.
  9. Target Source: Improved embOS SystemView interface.

Program corrections

  1. SystemView: Invert Wheel preference has not been passed to Timeline. Fixed.
  2. SystemView: Analysis could not be restarted after error. Fixed.
  3. SystemView: Overflows within Overflow Context have not been shown in Timeline. Fixed.
  4. SystemView: SystemView could crash on decoding invalid data. Fixed.
  5. SystemView: In high-load applications, data could get lost and lead to invalid event analysis. Fixed.
  6. SystemView: SystemView could display garbage for invalid task names. Fixed.
  7. SystemView: Task Terminate Event displayed wrong event details. Fixed.

Version 3.20 [20. Oct 2020]

New Features

  1. SystemView: Added Task Blocked Time statistics to Contexts Window.
  2. SystemView: Added support for fallback formatting of unknown values in NamedTypes.
  3. SystemView: Added support for spaces in NamedTypes when enclosed in quotes.
  4. Target Source: Updated RTT sources to support Cortex-A based targets with cache.


  1. Updated to SEGGER's Friendly License.
  2. SystemView: Improved Target Device Selection Dialog.
  3. SystemView: Improved CPU Load while recording.
  4. SystemView: Added analyzer statistics to System Information.
  5. SystemView: Improved display of NamedType values if undefined.
  6. SystemView: Improved display of Task information when instrumentation uses Task Stop (e.g. uC/OS)
  7. SystemView: Events List columns can now be shown/hidden and moved.
  8. SystemView: Restore column size and order of Contexts and Events Window.
  9. SystemView: Added timestamp Delta to Events List.
  10. SystemView: Added Raw Data to Events List.
  11. SystemView: Show runtime of each execution in Timeline Window.
  12. SystemView: Added SystemView to Linux start menu.
  13. SystemView: Added file associations on Linux.
  14. SystemView: Updated embOS description file.
  15. Target Source: Moved default defines to SEGGER_SYSVIEW_ConfDefaults.h, SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf.h can be empty in most cases.
  16. Target Source: Added example configuration headers for embOS.

Program corrections

  1. SystemView: J-Link Recorder Configuration were not shown when configuration was invalid. Fixed.
  2. SystemView: Recorder Configuration items possibly not shown according to other item values. Fixed.
  3. SystemView: On recording error, multiple error message boxes might be shown. Fixed.
  4. SystemView: Possible crash when recording only interrupts. Fixed.
  5. SystemView: Getting runtime of non-terminated executions might fail. Fixed.
  6. SystemView: Under special circumstances event details were missing. Fixed.
  7. SystemView: Display of execution at 100k borders might be wrong. Fixed.
  8. SystemView: Contexts' seconds statistics were possibly wrong for activations across second boundaries. Fixed.
  9. SystemView: Idle execution possibly not analyzed as stopped if task started running without a switch to scheduler. Fixed.
  10. SystemView: Possible crash if a NamedType had more than 64 values. Fixed.

Version 3.12 [29. Apr 2020]

New Features

  1. SystemView: Added Filter Header to Terminal Window.
  2. SystemView: Added Data Column to Events Window (Toggle via context menu).


  1. SystemView: Changed hotkey for Recorder Configuration to Alt-Return (instead of Alt-Enter).
  2. SystemView: Added Terminal statistics to System Information.
  3. SystemView: Added Marker statistics to System Information.
  4. SystemView: Improved display of longer durations as mm:ss.
  5. SystemView: Improved display of Name Marker Event.
  6. SystemView: Improved error/warning output.
  7. SystemView: Wait for more data if expected but target does not send (e.g. while halted).
  8. SystemView: Synchronize multi-selection in Terminal with Events Window.
  9. SystemView: Display Runtime statistics in table view.
  10. Target Source: Improved structure of target configurations.
  11. Target Source: Updated embOS target configurations.
  12. Target Source: Added embOS target configurations.
  13. Target Source: Updated default configuration to not define locking in simulation.

Program corrections

  1. SystemView: Warning and Error output was shown as Log message. Fixed.
  2. SystemView: Log messages were not correctly formatted on host. Fixed.
  3. SystemView: Messages without arguments ran though formatter. Fixed.
  4. SystemView: SystemView could crash when accessing scheduler infor early in a recording. Fixed.
  5. SystemView: Recording did possibly not start (seen on macOS and Linux). Fixed.
  6. SystemView: Negative time offset was not correctly displayed. Fixed.
  7. SystemView: Possibly multiple error popups. fixed.
  8. SystemView: Recorder restart after error possibly failed. Fixed.
  9. SystemView: Markers were possibly not shown. Fixed.
  10. SystemView: Timeline elements were possibly not shown at high zoom levels. Fixed.
  11. SystemView: License Manager did not recognize licenses installed with older versions. Fixed.
  12. SystemView: Systemview possibly crashed after analyzing Overflow Events. Fixed.

Version 3.10 [16. Dec 2019]

New Features

  1. SystemView: Redesigned GUI.
    • Windows can be moved, docked, and tabbed.
    • Navigation and zoom improved.
    • Dialogs and menus reworked.
  2. SystemView: Changed licensing to free non-commercial use of all features.
  3. SystemView: Added IP Recorder.
  4. SystemView: Added UART Recorder.
  5. SystemView: Display Markers (User Events) in timeline.
  6. SystemView: Runtime Window added.
  7. SystemView: Context interrupt time added.
  8. SystemView: Data export added.
  9. Target Source: Added IP Recorder for embOS and emNet.
  10. Target Source: Added IP Recorder for embOS Windows Simulation.
  11. Target Source: Added UART Recorder.
  12. Target Source: Added event to record intermediate Markers between start and stop.


  1. SystemView: Added Names for Timers.
  2. SystemView: Improved (multi) selection of Events.
  3. SystemView: Added drag of Timeline without changing selected events (when Alt key is down).
  4. SystemView: Added Tooltips and Context Menu to Contexts Window.
  5. SystemView: Run Time of tasks is now measured from Task Run to Task Block/Stop.
  6. SystemView: Load and analysis time of recordings improved.
  7. SystemView: Resource usage improved.
  8. SystemView: Addvanced settings for J-Link configuration added.
  9. Target Source: #ifndef'd options in SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf.h to enable definition from project options.
  10. Target Source: Added callback to notify recorder (such as UART Recorder) about new Events.
  11. Target Source: Renamed User Events to Markers.

Version 2.52d [13. Aug 2018]

Program corrections

  1. SystemView: RTT Control Block detection possibly timed out too early. Fixed.
  2. SystemView: Unhandled exception crash when running out of memory. Fixed.

Version 2.52c [13. Aug 2018]


  1. SystemView PRO: Initially load 5M events instead of 1M.

Program corrections

  1. SystemView PRO: Under special circumstances no more than 1M events were loaded. Fixed.

Version 2.52b [13. Aug 2018]

New Features

  1. Target Source: Added support for ARMv8m baseline.


  1. Target source: Option to start recording right after init added to embOS sample configurations.
  2. Target source: FreeRTOS integration for FreeRTOS V10 and a:FreeRTOS added.

Version 2.52a [07. Sep 2018]


  1. Target Source: uc/OS-II support added.
  2. Target source: FreeRTOS integration split for V8 and V8.

Program corrections

  1. FreeRTOS Integration: SYSVIEW_DeleteTask used wrong struct members. Fixed.

Version 2.52 [07. Sep 2018]

New Features

  1. SystemView: Command line configuration added.
  2. SystemView: Single Instance Mode added.
  3. Target Source: Support for Micrium OS Kernel added.


  1. SystemView: Display of hexadecimal values improved.
  2. SystemView: JTAG Scan Chain configuration added.
  3. Target Source: Sample configurations sorted by OS.
  4. Target Source: Cycle Count enable in post mortem mode added to sample configurations.
  5. FreeRTOS Integration: Patch file for FreeRTOS V9 added.

Program corrections

  1. SystemView: SystemView could crash when primary debug session stops. Fixed.
  2. SystemView: SystemView could crash on startup if J-Link Software is not found. Fixed.
  3. SystemView: SystemView could crash or show no events while running. Fixed.
  4. FreeRTOS Integration: Deleted tasks have not been removed from internal list. Fixed.

Version 2.50 [04. May 2017]

New Features

  1. SystemView: SystemView PRO activation and license management added.
  2. SystemView: Unlimited Recording added.1
  3. SystemView: Custom Filters added.1
  4. SystemView: Export of Terminal Output added.


  1. SystemView: Registered modules added to System Information.
  2. SystemView: Recording analysis and load time improved.

Version 2.42 [01. Mar 2017]

Version 2.40e [23. Feb 2017]

Version 2.40d [03. Feb 2017]

Version 2.40c [01. Feb 2017]

Version 2.40b [27. Jan 2017]

Version 2.40a [08. Sep 2016]

Version 2.40 [28. Jul 2016]

Version 2.38 [24. Jun 2016]

Version 2.37a [17. Jun 2016]

Version 2.37 [09. Jun 2016]

Version 2.36a [27. May 2016]

Version 2.36 [24. May 2016]

Version 2.34 [01. Apr 2016]

Version 2.32b [23. Mar 2016]

Version 2.32a [17. Mar 2016]

Version 2.32 [11. Mar 2016]

Version 2.30 [27. Jan 2016]

Version 2.28 [14. Jan 2016]

Known problems/limitations

  • None.