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Installation & Activation

SystemView does not require an additional installation of the software. The SystemView application can be installed as usual.

Download the SystemView package for your operating system and execute it. The graphical setup will guide you through the installation. Or download the portable SystemView package and unzip it.

The SystemView License Manager shows the details of all installed licenses and allows adding and removing licenses.

Open SystemView and go to the License Manager.
For a J-Link locked license, connect the J-Link via USB to the computer.
Click "Add License" and enter your license key.

A SystemView license can be locked to a J-Link and stored on it. This provides easy portability as the J-Link can be plugged into any computer to use SystemView for commercial use. It can for example be used on a desktop computer at work and taken home to continue work on a notebook.

SystemView licenses can also be locked to a single computer to not require a J-Link to be permanently connected.