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Installation & Activation

SystemView is available as a SEGGER Software Tool under SEGGER's Friendly License for non-commercial use and SEGGER's Commercial-use License. Licenses for SystemView are perpetual for as long as you want to use it. No annual subscription is required.

Single-user licenses, stored on a J-Link, are portable to enable you to work on different computers, in the office and at home. Making it simple to work flexible and fast at the same time. Company-wide and site licenses allows the use of SystemView for all your developers, anywhere: In the office, on the road, at customer's site or at home.

Support and Updates

SystemView can be downloaded to update the software without restriction.

A purchased commercial license entitles you to install and use all SystemView versions which will have been released within the Support and Update period for an unlimited usage period.
To use one of that versions of SystemView after the Support and Update period no license renewal is required. To update SystemView to a newer version after the Support and Update period an extended Update and Support period license needs to be purchased.

Portable Licenses

SystemView licenses are licensed for a single user, not limited to a single PC. The license can be stored on a J-Link, which is then acting like a USB dongle.

This allows full usage of SystemView on any of your computers, for example your PC at work and your notebook at home, by simply plugging in your J-Link.

You can also use a J-Trace or other J-Links, such as J-Link OB on an evaluation board, for recording with SystemView while the J-Link that holds the license is connected to your computer.

Buyout Licenses

The buyout option for company-wide licenses allows usage by an unlimited number of users, without copy protection, making it very easy to install and use the software anywhere: In the office, on the road, at customer's site or at home.

No license server, no hardware dongle, easily activate Embedded Studio on any workstation.

Your developers can fully concentrate on what they do and like best and what they are paid for: Develop software rather than deal with copy protection issues.

Commercial-use License Activation

Download the SystemView package for your operating system and execute it as usual. The graphical setup will guide you through the installation. Or download the portable SystemView package and unzip it.

On start of SystemView, a popup window notifies about no commercial-use license being found. Click on "License Manager", or later go to Tools -> License Manager in the menu.

The SystemView License Manager shows the details of all installed licenses and allows adding and removing licenses.
For a J-Link locked license, connect the J-Link via USB to the computer.
Click "Add License" and enter your license key.

A SystemView license can be locked to a J-Link and stored on it. This provides easy portability as the J-Link can be plugged into any computer to use SystemView for commercial purposes. When a J-Link with a valid commercial-use license is plugged in, SystemView is activated and does not show the notification on start.

Free Non-commercial Use

SystemView can freely be used for non-commercial and non-profit educational purposes under SEGGER's Friendly License without any limitation. Simply download and install it and start development of your new projects. No registration or activation process is required.

If no license for commercial use is found, SystemView will show a license popup window on start. When you accept the license conditions, you can use SystemView without limitation.