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SEGGER Software Licensing

  • Flexible license approach enables best fit for any project requirements
  • Scalable license schemes follow your requirements from tomorrow
  • Royalty-free licensing, no reporting overhead



SEGGER's vision is to make professional tools available to everyone.
SEGGER aims to provide license models that suit the needs and requirements of single developers, development teams, and whole companies, for both, commercial and non-commercial use.

The licensing is grouped by these categories:


License Options for Software Tools


SEGGER offers a range of tools for software development and system verification, for example the IDE SEGGER Embedded Studio and the system analysis tool SystemView.

Part of SEGGER's vision is that professional tools should be available to enthusiasts, hobbyists, and students. In this sense, the software development tools are available for free-of-charge use under SEGGER's Friendly License (SFL). To make access easy, the software can be downloaded and used without registration or activation. The tools can be fully used under SFL without technical or time limitation.

For commercial use of the software tools, SEGGER offers a commercial-use license (CUL). The commercial-use licensing options enable developers, development teams, and even whole companies to easily get professional tools for their product development.

Commercial-use licenses usually also include direct support from the Embedded Experts, SEGGER's developers.

SEGGER's Friendly License

  • Free for non-commercial use under SEGGER's Friendly License

Commercial-Use License for Software-Tools

  • Commercial use under SEGGER's Commercial-Use License
    • Single-user licensing
    • Company-wide and site licensing
    • Buyout licenses for free end-user commercial use


License Options for Embedded Software


SEGGER offers a wide spectrum of embedded software.

Most of this software is made available for use by hobbyists, students, and others. SEGGER's embedded software is not open source, but library versions of the modules can be used free-of-charge in non-commercial projects under SEGGER's Friendly License.

SEGGER's embedded software is also widely used in commercial products of all industries, ranging from white goods and consumer electronics, over Iot and IIot devices, to large-scale industrial appliances. To serve the needs of all these industries, SEGGER offers different flexible licensing models for embedded software, such as single-developer licenses, product-family licenses, or company-wide licenses.

SEGGER's Friendly License

  • Free for non-commercial use under SEGGER's Friendly License

License Models for Embedded Software

  • Flexible commercial-use licensing
    • Developer licenses
    • Product and product family licenses
    • Platform licenses

License for Software driving Hardware Tools


SEGGER offers a series of hardware tools.
The J-Link and J-Trace families for development, testing, and debugging of embedded systems, and the Flasher product family for production programming of microcontrollers and memories.
These tools come with the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack which includes supporting software.

The J-Link Software and Documentation Pack is licensed under the J-Link Software Licensing. The use of J-Link software interface (J-Link DLL) in other tools, as well as the use of most tools and features of the pack is included free-of-charge.

Some additional features, such as Unlimited Flash Breakpoints or the use of the production tool J-Flash require an additional license, which is included in some J-Link models (such as J-Link PLUS and J-Link ULTRA+) or can be purchased separately.

License for Software driving Hardware Tools

  • Free use with SEGGER Hardware
  • Additional features with high-end hardware models

License for Free Utilities


SEGGER provides some generally free utilities.
These utilities have been developed to showcase some functionality of the embedded software, to provide some usefulness, or to supplement the use of the embedded software.

Free utilities can be downloaded and used free-of-charge.

License for Examples and Snippets


To provide the "It simply works!"-experience, to help setting up projects, and to demonstrate example use, most software comes with example files and code snippets.

These files are included in the software distribution, in documentation, on the SEGGER wiki, or on the website. They can be used and modified, usually under SEGGER's single-clause BSD-style license, which only requires to retain the copyright notice.