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J-Link Configurator

The J-Link Configurator is an GUI application which shows a list of all emulators which are currently connected to the PC via USB or Ethernet.
Available for Windows, macOS and Linux, it is included in the J-Link Software and documentation package.
It is free with any model J-Link or J-Trace.



Managing Large-Scale Deployments

J-Link Configurator simplifies the management of several J-Links like updating the firmware of different J-Links at once (see the topic below "Configuring J-Links via USB or Ethernet"). The list of all connected J-Links is automatically updated, so it is possible to "plug & play" additional J-Links while the J-Link Configurator is running. This feature helps to expand a large-scale deployment without resetting the application.

Moreover, J-Link Configurator displays information about the connected J-Link such as the current firmware version, reaction time, number of active connections, etc. If the host loses connection to an emulator, the green status indicator turns red allowing easy supervision of a large number of J-Links in a LAN.


Configuring J-Links via USB or Ethernet

The "Configure J-Link" dialogue shows information about the selected J-Link (such as Product, Serial number, Nickname, USB identification, etc). The main benefit is that a user has the oppertunity to configure several options of the J-Link.

General Settings

For example the user can specify a Nickname of the selceted J-Link. This makes it easier to distinguish between several J-Links especially if you have a large-scale deployment for example with more then 100 J-Links.

USB Identification

The USB identification is mainly used for older J-Links which do not enumerate with their real serial number when connecting them to a host PC. This limitates the number of J-Link that can be connected to a host PC in parallel. New J-Links are pre-configured with the "Real SN" option which allows to have an unlimited number of J-Links to be connected to the same PC via USB. For older J-Links this option allows to re-configure the J-Links to use the new, recommended enumeration method.

IP Configuration

IP Configuration handles how the J-Link is identified on Ethernet. The user can set up an individual IP address, subnet mask and gateway by clicking "Manual". Default configuration is Automatic (settings are received via DHCP).


Updating the Firmware

Updating the Firmware of One or More J-Links at Once

J-Link Configurator allows the user to update more than one J-Link at once in an easy way. First select the J-Links which should get a firmware update by checking the checkbox at the front of each row. Second click on the Button "Update firmware of selected emulators". Now a message box appears which asks if you really want to update the firmware of the selected J-Links. After confirming this message, J-Link Configurator updates the firmware of the chosen J-Links at once. The whole updating process is shown in a popup box.

The following screenshot shows the running report which appears during a firmware update.

While the update process is running the "Log" shows important information for the user. In this screenshot 3 J-Links have been updated.