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The emPower eval board provides a comprehensive set of SEGGER’s middleware products, accelerating the start of any embedded project. SEGGER’s embOS real-time operating system is at the heart of the evaluation. Furthermore, evaluation versions of the file system emFile, graphics library emWin, emUSB Host & Device, and TCP/IP stack emNet (including web server demo) enable full use of the available emPower peripherals.

emPower also features a J-Link OB, an on-board version of SEGGER’s market-leading debug probe J-Link. There are three expansion interfaces to easily connect additional modules. Each connector provides I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO/timer, analog input and power. A display adapter connector enables the connection of small TFT displays. The emPower board is powered by USB only. Current consumption drawn strongly depends on the application and connected peripherals. Idle consumption is approx. 85 mA.

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RS232 add-on

The RS232 module is equipped with a female DSUB9 connector so that the add-on board can be connected to a PC (or a USB to serial adapter) directly or by using a 1:1 male / female cable (this module is a peripheral or DCE).
This module can be plugged to one of the three Expansion Interfaces (J500/ExpIF0, J501/ExpIF1, J502/ExpIF2) of the emPower V2 board.

emPower RS232 add-on

WiFi modules

emPower emNet WiFi add-ons allow you to easily evaluate multiple WiFi solutions by simply exchanging one piece of hardware and some lines of code. The code to exchange usually includes one emNet configuration file (basically only two lines of code need to be changed to select another driver) and porting of the host interface (typically SPI send/receive) routines.

Porting to your own customized hardware can be done easily as well by adopting these porting layers to your requirements based on the existing emPower samples.

The following WiFi modules are available as emPower eval board add-ons and can be easily evaluated using emNet WiFi drivers.

Microchip ATWILC1000

Longsys/Arrow GT202

Redpine Signals RS9113

embOS/IP Switch Board

The embOS/IP Switch Board is intended to be mainly a demonstrator board for the Tail Tagging add-on of SEGGER's embedded IP stack emNet. Micrel/Microchip has developed switches which can expand one physical port into 1+n ports, supported by the so-called Tail Tagging mode. This enhancement allows to establish multiple physical external ports when only one physical Ethernet port is available on the CPU - by choosing another PHY.

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emPower-USB-Host Board

emPower-USB-Host is a low-cost board for applications that require two USB-Host ports in a simple and small design. SEGGER software including emUSB-Host, emLoad and embOS are ready to run on the board. Accessing the board with a debug probe can be achieved by using the J-Link OB on the board.

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NAND Flash Evaluator

The SEGGER "NAND-Flash EVAL" board is an easy to use and cost effective testing tool designed to evaluate the features and the performance of the emFile NAND driver. There are two ways to access the data in the NAND flash memory. It can be accessed via file system using emFile. Alternatively the data can be accessed as a USB mass storage device like a USB-Stick using emUSB-Device with MSD class and emFile storage layer.

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(Q)SPI Flash Evaluator

The SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator is an easy-to-use board designed to evaluate the features and the performance of the NOR and NAND emFile drivers. In addition, the board can also be used to test the direct as well as indirect programming of serial flash devices by SEGGER J-Link and Flasher family of debug probes and production programmers.

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Adapter boards

The serial flash devices are soldered on adapter boards that plug in to a main board via a 8x2 adapter header. Different adapter boards are provided to support different package types such as SO-8, SO-16, BGA, and SON.

Adapter board for SO-8, SO-8W, SO-16

Adapter board for BGA 4x6mm and 5x5mm

Adapter board for SON/DFN 8×6, 6×5, 4×4, 3×4, 3×2

SD Card Adapter

On some evaluation boards the pins required for measuring are not accessible, which may mean that an oscilloscope or logic analyzer cannot capture the outputs.

An adapter which can be inserted between the card slot and the card, is the best solution in those situations.

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Trace Reference Boards

The Trace Reference Boards are optimal for simple and portable trace demos. These boards allow testing and verification of trace setups within minutes. They can also be used as a reference for custom hardware projects as the Trace Reference Boards are optimized for best trace signal quality.

All Trace Reference Boards come with an example project that runs out-of-the-box. For easy setup the boards can be powered using a J-Trace PRO V2 or later. A table with currently available boards can be found below.

Please send requests for additional Trace Reference Boards to

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Cortex-M Trace Reference Board

iMX RT1050 Trace Reference Board

STM32H7 Trace Reference Board