SEGGER Showcases & Testimonials — Real life applications of SEGGER products

SEGGER offers a complete portfolio for the developer of firmware for embedded systems. Below are examples where multiple components have been used to demonstrate different use cases.

Customer products in the market using SEGGER components and tools

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Customer Testimonials

"Using SEGGER's products has been a great move for our firmware. SEGGER’s product reliability and support have substantially facilitated our firmware development."

Jason Schlessmann, adidas Wearable Sports Electronics, U.S.A.

"Also, now that I've used the J-Trace and Ozone for a few months, I want to say again how great it is. I can see why SEGGER is so widely used in the industry, these tools have really made my job easier. On top of that, I've really appreciated your help."

Marlon Smith, Carmanah Signs, Canada

"I love my SEGGER probe! You guys rock. When dealing with weird bugs or being handed new board designs by my hardware department it's such a time (and grey hair) saver to have something that just works correctly so I can trust that what I'm seeing in my debug session reflects reality. Thank you!!!"

Andrew Sund, Reliable Controls, Canada

"I like the J-Link devices a lot! Upgrading from another debug probe to J-Link is like going from Beetle to Porsche ;-)"

Original: "Ich mag die J-Link Geräte sehr! Das Upgrade von einer anderen Debug Probe zum J-Link ist wie vom Käfer zu Porsche ;-)"

Meindert Sprang, ShipModul B.V., Netherlands

"Incredibly satisfied with SEGGER Embedded Studio. I've been using it for about a year now, and it's really a great product. Fast, efficient and stable."

Jørn Norheim, Mode Sensors AS, Norway

"The AppWizard software helps a lot in making nice UI’s. I think it is a great step for the embedded community using Segger emWin."

Alexander de Jong, Lextron B.V., Netherlands

"I am actively using the J-Link Debugger (Ozone) on several PCs and targets and I am very impressed with the functionality of this version. I am also using the SEGGER Real-Time-Terminal on my Cortex-M0 target (which does not support SWO), directly in J-Link Debugger and it works great as well."

Volkmar Schwert, Miele & Cie. KG

"I have worked using emWin for a week now and I am excited how fast and how well the library works and how easy it is to integrate. Fantastic."

Original: "Ich arbeite seit einer Woche mit emWin und ich bin begeistert wie schnell und gut die Library funktioniert und auch zum Anbinden ist. Echt super."

Thomas Karer, ARRI Cine & Video Geräte, Austria

"Since I started the ARM based project about 3 years ago, I have used your embOS, emFile, and your J-link emulator. They all work great. I am especially happy about the performance of the embOS. My application is a multitasking application including the audio, and real-time video capturing, Flashing writing, and at the same time sending the video to the remote site through a RF radio interface. Without your embOS, I can hardly imagine how I could do all these tasks."

Jimmy Wang, Working for a southern California based company, USA

"We bought a couple of Flasher-ARM devices. We could immediately use them for stand-alone programming of new boards. Flawless software, flawless hardware, a really beautiful product. Thanks for making this available."

Marcus Simons, YiG Engineering, The Netherlands

"I am using emWin for a week now and I am thrilled. This is a very good software package! Thanks to the good documentation and the many examples it is easy to get started. I think we made a very good choice."

Original: "Ich arbeite seit letzter Woche mit emWIN und bin total begeistert. Ein sehr gutes Softwarepaket ! Man kann sich Dank der guten Doku und den vielen Beispielen schnell einarbeiten. Ich glaube wir haben hier eine gute Wahl getroffen."

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Martin Zeh, software developer, Erhardt + Leimer GmbH, Germany

"I would like to say HUGE THANKS for the incredible work and decision you have made with the Segger Embedded Studio. We have been using this tool a lot recently altogether with Nordic nRF52 (integrated on u-blox NINA-B1). We absolutely love this tool - it gives us great flexibility (simple project management via XML files), stability and speed. We have been using the IDE seamlessly across all OS platforms without a hassle. I can't see myself going back. Thank you."

Pavel Hübner, Co-Founder of HARDWARIO, Czech Republic

"I can vouch for 'It simply works!' I won't do any embedded stuff without at least a J-Link."

Gawie de Vos, Sulani, South Africa

"SEGGER embOS is implemented on each and every electronics control system in the Forze III hydrogen racing kart. During testing and racing, sensordata is vital to gain knowledge about the karts performance. Using emFile, we were able to log all of our sensor data on an SD card. For the live feed to the pit, we needed a telemetrics system. Using emNet made it possible to develop such a system on short notice, while guaranteeing reliability."

Koen Lubbers, Greenchoice Forze, The Netherlands