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Embedded Studio - Licensing

Embedded Studio Support and Licensing

Embedded Studio has three license options; non commercial, Cortex-M and ARM.

Price list

Non Commercial (Evaluation and Educational Use)

Upon installation Embedded Studio can freely be used for evaluation and non-profit educational purposes without limitation.
If no license for commercial use is found, Embedded Studio will run and the following window will be shown when compiling the project or when starting the debug session:


Cortex-M License

The Cortex-M License will fit most developers' needs, as it allows development of applications for the widely used ARM Cortex-M device family. With this license purchase, technical support for 1 year is also provided.

ARM License

If you are developing on a Cortex-A/R or an ARM7/9, you will need an ARM License. This license allows developing applications for all supported ARM devices, including Cortex-M. With this license purchase technical support for 1 year is provided.


Feature overview

The following table shows the available Edition licenses.

  Non-Commercial license 1 Cortex-M License ARM License
Complete IDE Yes Yes Yes
C/C++ Compiler
Yes Yes
C Library for Embedded Systems Yes Yes Yes
Project Manager
Yes Yes Yes
First-class Editor
Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Debugger
Yes Yes Yes
J-Link Support
Yes Yes Yes
Package Manager
Yes Yes Yes
Device Support      
ARM7 / ARM9 Yes   Yes
Cortex-M0 / Cortex-M0+
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Cortex-M3 / Cortex-M4
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes   Yes
Yes   Yes
J-Link Locked License   Yes Yes
Code Size Limitation None None None
Feature Limitation None None None
Updates and Technical Support      
Free Support Package Download Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support and Updates
  1 Year 1 Year
Software Expiration None None None
Single User License Free 998.-- EUR 1,498.-- EUR
Extended Updated and Support2, Single User License   196.-- EUR 296.-- EUR


1: For evaluation and non-profit educational purposes only.

2: One year extended update and support period. (Can only be purchased from customers with a valid support agreement.)


Support and Updates

The purchase of an Embedded Studio license entitles the user to install and use all Embedded Studio versions which will have been released within the Support and Update period for an unlimited usage period.

To use a version of Embedded Studio after the Support and Update period no license renewal is required.

To update Embedded Studio to a newer version after the Support and Update period an extended Update and Support period license needs to be purchased.


License Management

Embedded Studio licenses are licensed for a single user but not limited to a single PC.

The license can be stored on a J-Link, which is then acting like a USB dongle. This allows full usage of Embedded Studio on any of your computers, e.g. your PC at work and your notebook at home, by simply plugging in your J-Link.

Other licensing methods are available upon request.


License Terms & Conditions

 Download License Terms & Conditions