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SystemView PRO—Unlimited Real-Time Recording

SystemView PRO extends the capabilities of the free tool SystemView. It not only enables unlimited recording of events, but also unlocks a more powerful means of complete system analysis.

  • Unlimited recording or real-time streaming
  • Custom filters on events
  • Minimally system intrusive
  • RTOS task, resource, and API tracing
  • Interrupt tracing for bare metal systems without an RTOS
  • Continuous real-time recording and live analysis with J-Link and SEGGER RTT technology
  • Live analysis of captured data - view responses to stimuli in real time without stopping the target
  • SEGGER embOS, emNet, and emFile API call tracing as standard
  • uC/OS-III, Micrium OS Kernel, and FreeRTOS instrumentation included
  • Can be adapted to other RTOS using a fully documented API
  • Works on any CPU
  • Record an unlimited number of events (SystemView PRO only)

Unlimited Recording

The free version of SystemView is limited to recording and analyzing one million events. SystemView PRO lifts the one million event limitation and enables Unlimited Recording.

While it is usually sufficient to record several seconds or even minutes of a system and capture all important events, it can be helpful to run long-time tests on a system to verify if it behaves as expected.

Some timing related issues might only occur after hours of system up-time. With SystemView's Post-Mortem Mode the last events before such an issue happens can be stored. However it still might be necessary to scroll back further in time and see more of the system activity.

Unlimited Recording provides full statistics of all contexts in long-time tests and allows a complete analysis of the system from startup up to the occurrence of any issue.

In addition to saving the whole recording, SystemView PRO also features extraction of interesting parts to be saved separately for documentation or later analysis.

Custom Filters

To handle the big number of events, filters can help to set focus. Therefore, the SystemView Events List includes filter options to hide events by category. It can for example hide all interrupts in the list or show only task execution events.

Additionally, SystemView PRO features Custom Filters, which enable a more detailed selection of the displayed events. Not only can any predefined event be shown or hidden with the Custom Filters; the filtering of the OS or middleware events is also featured. This can either be done by module or on a per event basis.