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Ozone tool chain support — Freedom of choice

  • Stand-alone graphical debugger
  • Debug output of any tool chain and IDE 1
  • C/C++ source level debugging and assembly instruction debugging
  • Debug information windows for any purpose: disassembly, memory, globals and locals, (live) watches, CPU and peripheral registers
  • Source editor to fix bugs immediately
  • High-speed programming of the application into the target
  • Direct use of J-Link built-in features (Unlimited Flash Breakpoints, Flash Download, Real Time Terminal, Instruction Trace)
  • Scriptable project files to set up everything automatically
  • New project wizard to ease the basic configuration of new projects

1 Ozone has been tested with the output of the following compilers: GCC, Clang, ARM, IAR. Output of other compilers may be supported but is not guaranteed to be.

Ozone is a stand-alone graphical debugger. That means it does not build your application, but is used to debug them. For most flexibility, Ozone can be used to debug the output of any tool chain or IDE. You can freely select the development environment that best suits your project requirements, even if you do not like the debugger that would come with the IDE. With Ozone and J-Link you always benefit from the most extensive debugging capabilities.

Supported tool chains

Ozone can be used with any tool chain that generates Elf/Dwarf debug information for its output.

These are some of the tested tool chains / IDEs:

If you are using another tool chain, chances are very high that you can use Ozone to debug your application. In case of doubt, feel free to contact us.