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Tested Devices for tracing with J-Trace PRO

The following table lists all devices on which trace has been explicitly tested with J-Trace PRO and for which reference projects have been created to verify (streaming) trace. In general, J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M supports tracing on all Cortex-M0+/M3/M4/M7 devices, so even if a specific device is not listed here, it usually will work out-of-the-box.

J-Trace PRO Cortex additionally supports tracing on Cortex-A5/A7/A8/A9/A12/A15/A17/R4/R5 devices. Should your Cortex device not be listed in the Tested Devices list, chances are that tracing will still be possible. Prerequisites are that the specific target device implements trace Coresight modules and is listed on our Supported Devices list.

The example projects are available for download in the SEGGER Wiki. Please note that the example projects are designed to work on specific eval boards so some parts of the projects (PLL init etc.) may require adaption to run on custom hardware.

If there are special hardware tweaks that needed to be done on the eval board, to make trace working, it is explained on the corresponding wiki page linked to from the table. The following list contains information about the MCU manufacturer, device name, core type and a link to the corresponding example project.

List of tested devices for tracing with J-Trace PRO

Manufacturer Device Core typeExample project J-Trace PRO
J-Trace PRO
Atmel ATSAMA5D21 Cortex-A5More



Atmel ATSAMD51 Cortex-M4More



Atmel ATSAME54 Cortex-M4More



Atmel ATSAME70 Cortex-M7More



Atmel ATSAMV71 Cortex-M7More



Infineon XMC4400 Cortex-M4More



Infineon XMC4500 Cortex-M4More



Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832_xxAA Cortex-M4More



Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840_xxAA Cortex-M4More



NXP iMX RT1050 Cortex-M7More



NXP MKW24D512 Cortex-M4More



NXP MKW36A1 Cortex-M0+More



NXP LPC1758 Cortex-M3More



NXP LPC1768 Cortex-M3More



NXP LPC1788 Cortex-M3More



NXP LPC1857 Cortex-M3More



NXP LPC4350 Cortex-M4More



NXP LPC4357 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK21FN1M0 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK40DN512 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK60N512 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK64FN1M0 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK66FN2M0 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK70FN1M0 Cortex-M4More



NXP MK80FN256 Cortex-M4More



NXP MKL25Z1 Cortex-M0+More



NXP MKL82Z1 Cortex-M0+More



NXP MKV58F1M0 Cortex-M7More



NXP KE1xZ Cortex-M0+More



Renesas R7FS7G27H Cortex-M7More



Renesas R7FS5D5 Cortex-M4More



Renesas R7S721001WS (RZ/A1H) Cortex-A9More



Renesas R7S910017 (RZ/T1) Cortex-R4More



Renesas R7S910017_M3 (RZ/T1)1 Cortex-M3More



Silicon Labs EFM32GG990 Cortex-M3More



Silicon Labs EFM32GG11B Cortex-M4More



Silicon Labs EFM32PG12B Cortex-M4More



Silicon Labs EFR32MG12 Cortex-M4More



Silicon Labs EZR32LG330 Cortex-M3More



Silicon Labs EZR32WG330 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F107 Cortex-M3More



ST STM32F207 Cortex-M3More



ST STM32F303 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F407 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F429 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F437 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F439 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F446 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32F746 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32F756 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32F767 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32F769 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32F779 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32H743 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32H753 Cortex-M7More



ST STM32L152 Cortex-M3More



ST STM32L476 Cortex-M4More



ST STM32L4R Cortex-M4More



ST STM32L4S Cortex-M4More



TI MSP432E4 Cortex-M4More



TI TM4C129 Cortex-M4More



Toshiba TMPM370 Cortex-M3More



Toshiba TMPM440 Cortex-M4More



1 Target device supports MTB/ETB/ETF tracing only