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Rowley CrossWorks

In order to use J-Link with Rowley CrossWorks install the latest SEGGER software and documentation pack. Please verify that your J-Link software is up to date. After that, start CrossWorks and open your project.

Used components:

IDE:CrosWorks V2.1
Debug Probe: J-Link
J-Link SW Version:V4.31d
Evalboard: AT91SAM7S-EK
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the "Targets" window, which shows a list of debug probes supported by Rowley CrossWorks
  • Select and connect to Segger J-Link from the "Targets" window as shown below
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+W to open the "Target Properties" window
  • Set the location of the latest J-Link DLL file which comes with the software and documentation pack.

Now You are Ready to Go

Now you can start debugging and use J-Link with Rowley Crossworks. Please note that some ARM cores require an init file to be executed before debugging can start; this init file typically initializes certain parts of the ARM chip (memory access) that are required for the RAM to function.