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Renesas e²Studio

IDE based on eclipse CDT for Renesas embedded controllers.

Renesas e²Studio can be used with Renesas' compiler toolchain as well as other toolchains and offers J-Link support for the RX Family via GDB and GDB Server.

e²Studio automatically uses the J-Link built-in flash loaders, when it is set up to use J-Link. J-Link built-in flash loaders are highly optimized for flash programming.

Creating a Project with e²Studio to work with J-Link

When creating a new project with e²Studio, you can set it up to work with J-Link as follows:

  • Select 'New' -> 'C Project' from the 'File' menu.
  • Fill in the project name (eg. 'Test'). Click 'Next'.
  • Select the 'Sample Project' as the 'Project type' and 'KPIT GNURX-ELF Toolchain'  as 'Toolchain'. Click 'Next'.
  • Select 'Segger JLink' as 'Debug Hardware' and check 'Hardware Debug'. Select your target device and the data endianess. Click 'Finish'.
  • The project summary page will be displayed. Click 'OK' on the summary page or 'Cancel' to go back and change some settings. The wizard may ask you that this project is associated with 'C/C++ Perspective' then press 'yes'.

Configuring a Project to work with J-Link

If you already have an e²Studio project, you can change it to work with J-Link with following steps:

  • Select 'Project -> Properties'.
  • Select 'Run/Debug Settings' and the Launch configuration for your project (Normally the same name as your project). Click 'Edit'.
  • Tab 'Debugger'. Select 'Segger JLink' as 'Debug Hardware' and select your 'Target Device'.
  • Tab 'GDB Settings'.  Check 'Autostart local GDB server'.
  • Click 'Apply'. Click 'OK'.