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Infineon DAVE

About Infineon DAVE

Infineon DAVE 4 is a free IDE, based on Eclipse, for Infineon XMC devices. Infineon DAVE comes with built-in J-Link GDB Server support.

Using an Existing Project With J-Link

The following steps assume/expect that basic installation and configuration of DAVE 4 has already been done. If not done yet, please refer to DAVE Installation Instructions, which is .pdf created by Infineon that is included in the DAVE installation package.

  • Open a project
  • Build the project
  • Open the drop-down menu next to the bug
  • Click Debug Configurations...
  • Double-Click GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging in order to create a new debug configuration
  • Configure the settings according to the device to be debugged. DAVE 4 will fill in all information necessary for debugging automatically, therefore usually only a few or no manual changes at all to the debug configuration are necessary.
  • In the Debugger tab of the Debug Configuration
    • Make sure the path in the Executable: field points to the J-Link GDB Server which ships with the J-Link package
    • Make sure that that the correct device name is filled in the field labeled Device name:
      All devices currently supported by J-Link are listed here.
  • Click Apply if necessary
  • Click Debug
  • The debug session is started now