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SEGGER introduces streaming trace probe for SiFive RISC-V cores

SEGGER’s J-Trace PRO with streaming trace, Live Code Profiling, and Live Code Coverage now supports all E-Series SiFive RISC-V cores with the BTM trace module.

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SEGGER and Cadence team up to add native J-Link support for Cadence Tensilica cores

SEGGER, a leading supplier of software libraries, development tools, debug probes and flash programmers, today announced native J-Link debug probe support for select instances of the Cadence Tensilica Processor IP, a portfolio of configurable and extensible controllers and DSPs.

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SEGGER licenses C++ runtime library to SiFive for code size and performance efficiency

SEGGER, a leading supplier of RTOS and software libraries, debug and trace probes, in-system flash programmers, and software development tools, is proud to announce that SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, has licensed SEGGER’s cutting-edge emRun++ C++ library for RISC-V.

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Size matters – Comparing tool chains and CPUs

Many people think that in today’s world, the size of a program does not matter. In many cases, that is not true, especially in the world of embedded computing systems. This blog article explain why and introduces a benchmark that makes it possible to easily compare the code-size efficiency of different tool chains (Compiler, assembler, linker, run time library) even across different CPUs and architectures

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RISC-V: Dividing efficiently across different hardware

Which algorithm is best in terms of code size, execution speed, or power efficiency is very dependent on the target instruction set architectue (ISA) and the way the ISA is implemented in silicon. This blog article explains how we help to select the best division algorithm for use.

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AppWizard Tutorial — Screen Transitions

In a series of tutorials, each widget of the award-winning AppWizard will be introduced. This video shows how to create screen transitions.

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AppWizard Tutorial — Animations Part 1

Learn how to create animations with the SEGGER emWin AppWizard.

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electronica 2022

Muinch, Germany November 15-18, 2022

Join us from November 15-18, 2022, at the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics in Munich, Germany. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth A3.112.

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