2020 |
Apr. 09
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J-Flash and all other SEGGER tools for J-Link are available for Windows, Linux, macOS

Cross-platform freedom: SEGGER's J-Flash now available for macOS & Linux

With the release of SEGGER J-Link software v6.70, all included tools are now available on every popular operating system: Windows, macOS and Linux.

While the J-Link software and included command line tools have been cross-platform for years, the applications with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) have only been available on Windows. These have now been rewritten, one at a time to make the entire package cross-platform.

The concept and underlying platform has been proven for a long time in applications such as SEGGER Embedded Studio, SystemView and the Ozone debugger and performance analyzer.

With this release the popular J-Flash application, which provides an easy to use interface for production flash programming and automation, is finally available not only for Windows, but also for Linux and macOS.

“It has been a common request, especially from our customers in production environments, for J-Flash to support a non-Windows OS. Linux is often considered ideal in these applications, as it mitigates the risk of cyber threats and optimize production efficiency”, says Alex Grüner, CTO at SEGGER. “I am excited to say that J-Flash is now fully cross-platform enabled, and that the process of making all J-Link software available on all major OS platforms is now complete.”

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