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J-Mem is a small (app. 50 kb) stand-alone application for Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000 and later). It requires a J-Link connected to the USB port and an ARM system connected to J-Link via the JTAG interface.
J-Mem displays memory contents of ARM-systems and allows modifications of RAM and sfrs (Special function registers) while target is running. It makes it possible to look into the memory of an ARM chip at run time; RAM can be modified and sfrs can be written. The type of access for both read and write access can be selected to be 8/16/32 bit.
It works nicely when modifying sfrs, especially because it writes the sfr only after the complete value has been entered.

License & Disclaimer

J-Mem is distributed as part of the J-Link software and documentation package and can be used free of charge.