Free Tools for Makers

To support enthusiastic engineers investing their spare time in great projects, SEGGER offers its embedded emPower OS and the software tools Embedded Studio, Ozone and SystemView free of charge for educational use, hobbyists and makers.

Tools and Software Free for Non-Commercial Use

Engineers, hobbyists and students interested in using SEGGER's offering for non-commercial use are presented with a direct and unobstructed access to these professional software components and tools. No registration required, no forms to be completed, just click the respective download button to get started. Develop faster and dig deeper into your code while debugging. Complete your project with confidence that it is based on commercial grade offerings.

emPower OS Object Code

emPower OS is a high-performance software platform for embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It is optimized for a small memory footprint and easily fits onto typical microcontrollers without requiring external memory. It includes RTOS, GUI, file system, TCP/IP, USB host/device, Modbus, IoT tools, encryption, SSH, TLS, and compression.

Its free for non-commercial-use form is made available within Embedded Studio PRO.

Embedded Studio

The leading cross platform IDE Embedded Studio is the complete all-in-one solution that provides a continuous workflow for managing, building, testing, and deploying embedded applications.

This includes project manager, source code editor, an integrated debugger, J-Link integration, and version control.


SystemView is a tool for real-time recording and visualization of events and interrupts while the system is running. The recorded data is analyzed and the system behavior is visualized in different views.

SystemView can ensure a system performs as designed, can track down inefficiencies, and show unintended interactions.

Ozone – J-Link Debugger

Ozone is the debugger for J-Link and J-Trace. It includes all well-known debug controls and information windows and makes use of the best performance of J-Link and J-Trace debug probes.

Ozone provides full system insight, to track down inefficiencies and bugs, and to make your products even better.

Getting Started

Try emPower OS with Embedded Studio

emPower OS is available as "Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Library Package" from within Embedded Studio. It is delivered in object code. For using emPower OS with Embedded Studio simply install Embedded Studio and follow the steps below to get started.

Now get the Embedded Studio PRO Library Package.

  • Open Embedded Studio.
  • Go to Tools -> Package Manager...
    • If prompted to check for packages, select Yes.

  • In the list of packages double-click on "Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Library Package" to set the Action to "Install".
  • Double-click the Board Support Packages you want to install. For example the "emPower (NXP Kinetis K66) Board Support Package"

  • Click "Next" and "Next". The packages will be downloaded. Click "Finish".

The Embedded Studio PRO Library and Board Support Packages are ready for use to create your first emPower OS with Embedded Studio PRO.

For a more detailed description how to create your first project please follow the link to the Embedded Studio PRO page.

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