Webinar - Verifying RTOS Applications using Deep Insight Analysis

Key takeaways:

  • How to select a Real-Time Operating System and toolchain
  • Methods to quickly and efficiently setup an RTOS environment
  • Techniques for successfully creating and scheduling tasks
  • How to synchronize tasks using mutexes, semaphores and message queues
  • RTOS Application Debugging Techniques
    • OS aware debugging
    • Perform run-time analysis
  • Verifying RTOS applications using deep insight analysis
  • Best practices for using an RTOS in an embedded system
  • Recommendations for going further

You have missed the Webinar?

Time-to-market and reliable products - sounds like competing requirements.
You can master both by applying the right tools and techniques. Very much dependent on the right concept, selecting the right RTOS and the use of capable tools, keeps you focusing on your application.

A powerful IDE like Embedded Studio is one cornerstone, completed by a fast and reliable debug probe like the J-Link. If you need trace capabilities for code coverage and code profiling, then J-Trace PRO is the choice.

To understand the behaviour of your application, like any kind of communication processes - a real-time analysis tool like SystemView will help you to sort out any malfunctions.

The webinar demonstrates how to take benefit from using such development tools to verify RTOS-based applications.

Please watch the video.

About embOS - RTOS

embOS can be used in any application, from battery-powered single chip products to high-end systems, demanding ultra-high performance. The RTOS embOS, developed by The Embedded Experts, is used in many different target markets such as industrial controls, internet of things, networking, consumer electronics, safety critical devices, automotive to medical devices and avionic, making it the market leading RTOS in the embedded industry.

Using a real-time operating system (RTOS) can help development teams get to market faster but only if they fully understand how to use the tools and ecosystem available to them.

In this webinar, advanced techniques such as using OS-aware debugging and deep insight analysis will be demonstrated that can help developers dramatically decrease their time-to-market.
Attendees will learn how to leverage an integrated toolchain to rapidly create, debug and verify RTOS based applications.
We will briefly review fundamental topics such as how to set task priorities and synchronize tasks using mutexes, semaphores and message queues.

The webinar will provide hands-on demonstrations and source code using SEGGER embOS RTOS running on the SEGGER emPower evaluation board equipped with a NXP MK66FN ARM Cortex-M4 processor.