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J-Link NXP device support

SEGGER J-Links are the most widely used line of debug probes available today. They've proven themselves for more than 10 years with over 250,000 units sold, including OEM versions and on-board solutions. This popularity stems from the unparalleled performance, extensive feature set, large number of supported CPUs, and compatibility with all popular development environments.



J-Link comes with support for all ARM based devices from NXP. This of course also includes support for the NXP LPC43xx dual core series devices, for which dual core debugging support is also provided by J-Link. The free GDBServer which comes with the J-Link software and the wide J-Link support for all popular IDEs, opens the whole world of debuggers for embedded targets to NXP customers, including all GDB-based solutions (even vanilla Eclipse + CDT).

List of supported NXP device series

The following list, lists the NXP device series which are supported by J-Link. Please note that support for new device series is constantly added. If you feel any device series is no listed here which should be, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


  • LPC800 series
  • LPC1100 series
  • LPC1200 series


  • LPC1300 series
  • LPC1500 series
  • LPC1700 series
  • LPC1800 series



  • LPC4000
  • LPC4300


  • LH7 series
  • LPC2100 series
  • LPC2200 series
  • LPC2300 series
  • LPC2400 series


  • LH7A series
  • LPC2900 series
  • LPC3100 series
  • LPC3200 series