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Upgrading the CALLIOPE mini to J-Link

SEGGER offers the capability to upgrade the firmware on the CALLIOPE mini to a J-Link OB (on-board).

  • Fully compatible with J-Link offering the same features [More..]
  • Using J-Link enables the use of a broad range of IDEs
  • Supports drag & drop programming of application images
  • Supports stand-alone programming mode (allows programming images without PC connection)
  • Enables full featured development with SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE
  • Getting started Demo project for Embedded Studio provided [More..]



SEGGER has created a firmware for the on-board debug probe on the CALLIOPE mini, making it compatible to J-Link. This allows users to take advantage of all J-Link features such as ultra fast flash download and debugging speeds and the free-to-use GDB Server as well as application development using an IDE.

Firmware download

Firmware image to convert the on-board debug interface of the CALLIOPE mini to a J-Link OB.

Download  Firmware & revision history

Sample projects

Sample projects for CALLIOPE mini that can be compiled, downloaded an debugged with SEGGER Embedded Studio.

Sample application images

Sample images (hex, mot, bin, ..) files that can be programmed to the CALLIOPE mini via drag & drop functionality.

Getting started

Current batches of CALLIOPE mini are shipped with J-Link firmware by default. For previous batches, the firmware needs to be upgraded to the J-Link firmware first. The procedure for this is described in the SEGGER wiki:

Stand-alone image programming mode

The J-Link firmware for the CALLIOPE mini provides a stand-alone mode for programming images without the need for a PC connection. The images are stored in a separate SPI flash mounted on the CALLIOPE mini via a separate utility (JLinkCALLIOPEConfig) provided by SEGGER (walkthrough included in download archive).

Download  JLinkCALLIOPEConfig utility


SEGGER's J-Link OB firmware upgrade for the CALLIOPE mini platform, makes it fully J-Link compatible. In order to make use of this firmware, the following Terms Of Use must be accepted:

  • The firmware may only be used for development and/or evaluation purposes. It may not be used for production purposes.
  • The firmware is ONLY for use with CALLIOPE mini boards. It is not for use with custom hardware.
  • The firmware is made available without any warranty and without support.
  • No production flash programming support

If there is any doubts or concerns on a specific use case it is recommended to contact SEGGER prior to use. By using an original SEGGER J-Link PRO, J-Link ULTRA+ or J-Link PLUS, all these limitations are removed. Learn more about J-Link here

When starting a debug session, a license dialog pop-up appears which must be accepted before the J-Link OB can be used.