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SEGGER makes cutting-edge C++ library available for licensing

SEGGER’s emRun++ is a groundbreaking C++ library, fully compatible with the modern 2017 standard. It is used and proven in SEGGER’s multi-platform Embedded Studio IDE for RISC-V and Arm and is now available for licensing to toolchain vendors.

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SEGGER and Renesas deliver Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) for RA MCUs

SEGGER, in cooperation with Renesas, has further expanded the features offered by SEGGER’s professional line of Flasher in-circuit programmers. In addition to high-speed programming of Renesas RA4 and RA6 microcontrollers with Arm Cortex-M33 cores, SEGGER has now added Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) and TrustZone® partitioning during mass production.

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Nuclei Studio IDE now with SEGGER’s emRun runtime library for RISC-V

SEGGER and Nuclei System Technology, a China-based RISC-V processor IP and solution company, announce that the Nuclei Studio IDE now comes integrated with SEGGER's emRun runtime library. As a result of this cooperation, executables produced by the Nuclei toolchain using emRun are both smaller and faster.

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SEGGER releases new Embedded Studio for RISC-V with hard real-time C++ support

SEGGER’s Embedded Studio for RISC-V, Version 6, now uses real-time memory management which improves efficiency and response time when allocating and freeing up memory, satisfying requirements for hard real-time in applications written in C++. The new version supports all common RISC-V 32-bit and 64-bit cores, including but not limited to RV64I, RV64E, RV64GC, RV32I, RV32IMA, RV32IMAC, RV32IMAF, RV32IMAFC, RV32G, RV32GC, RV32E, RV32EMA, RV32EMAC.

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SEGGER Embedded Studio for Arm now with hard real-time C++ support

SEGGER’s Embedded Studio for Arm Version 6 now offers real-time memory management which improves efficiency and response time for allocating and freeing up memory, enabling hard real-time to applications written in C++.

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Real-time operating system – Saving energy without a system tick

In this technical article we explain the advantages of using an RTOS, the Cycle-Resolution-Scheduling of the revolutionary embOS-Ultra and how to migrate from a conventional RTOS.

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C++ real-time allocation — a chess engine

This article describes a new capability that was added to SEGGER emRun, now available in Embedded Studio V6, to support real-time dynamic storage allocation. These enhancements were inspired during the development of a chess engine.

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AppWizard Tutorial — Rotary Object

In a series of tutorials, each widget of the award-winning AppWizard will be introduced, starting off with the Rotary Object.

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AppWizard — Project examples

Learn how to run included project examples with the SEGGER emWin AppWizard.

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embedded world 2022

Nuremberg, Germany June 21 - 23, 2022

Join the event, meet out experts and get your questions answered at our booth 278 in hall 4.

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